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Split 1x2x3 IIIA 1x2x3 with split edges. The concept of Square-1 turned upside down.
Split 1x2x3 PlusA 1x2x3 where the corner pieces were split several times.
Split Crazy 1x2x3A Crazy 1x2x3 where several pieces were split up.

Split Fracture-6A Fracture-6 with an additional cut between the two 3-fold corners.
Split Void 2x3x3A Void 2x3x3 (aka Torus Cube) with split edges.
Sponge Bob 3x3x3A 3x3x3 molded and painted by hand to resemble the cartoon character.

Spotted CubeA contur cut 3x3x3 inspired by the Valentine Cube.
Square antiprism (megaminx)A megaminx redesigned to have the shape of a square antiprism.
Square column deployedA cylindrical Square-1 in midturn and restickered.

Square-1.25A square puzzle looks like a square-1, but with one quarter of the square-2.
(1+1+1+2)/4 = 1.25.
Square-1.5A different square (2+1)/2 = 1.5
Unlike the Square-1 1/2 four of the broader pieces were split.
Square-1.75A square puzzle looks like a square-2, but with one quarter of the square-1.
(2+2+2+1)/4 = 1.75.

Square-3 PlusA Square-1, combining one layer of a Square-1 and one layer of a Square-2.
Square-equal starA Square-equal in the shape of a star prism.
Squared CircleA Square-2 with an additional slice turn.

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