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10-10 VisionTwo circles intersecting with each other and allowing 10 steps per circles.
10x10x10 Fisher CubeA 10x10x10 is fishered which means it was turnd inside its solid by 45�.
150 Slide puzzleBig slide puzzle whit 150 tiles

15x15x15Another cube for which one might ask: Why? Mass produced after the 13x13x13 and the 17x17x17.
169 Puzzle (13x13) SlideGigantic version of Lloyd's slide puzzle.
1x1x3 Burger CubeAn improved version of the Screwball. The top and down parts of the puzzle can be rotated independently.

1x2x3 PlusA 1x2x3 with four additional turns.
1x2x6Another entry in the ever growing series of cuboids.
1x2xNDesigned to be a 1x2x111 but it could also be a 1x2x201 or any other odd number.

1x7x7 Slim CubeAnother entry in the series of Floppy Cubes.
2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTwo intersecting circles in a custom puzzle designed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
2x2x2 Diametric HexahedronAn asymmetric trigonal dipyramid with a 2x2x2 as the core.

2x2x2 Dice CubeA cube with dents like a dice.
2x2x2 Discrete PyraminxAn extended variant of the Framework Pyraminx.
2x2x2 Evil TwinA 3x3x3 consisting only of corners that block themselves in external bandaging.

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