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2x2x2 Evil TwinA 3x3x3 consisting only of corners that block themselves in external bandaging.
2x2x2 Football Rubik's CubeA 2x2x2 that can be used as a (flawed) football.
2x2x2 Half cubeA 2x2x2 in a shape with five sides and two pieces glued to another.

2x2x2 Mirror half cubeA shape modification of a bandaged 2x2x2 in the shape of a triangular prism that can be solved by shape only.
2x2x2 Rubik's Cube (1440 mm)An ordinary 2x2x2 ... in human size.
2x2x3 (2018)A newly mass produced 2x2x3.

2x2x3 (Witeden)A mass produced 2x2x3, larger than the other versions.
2x2x3 Curvy CopterA 2x2x3 plus two Curvy Chops.
2x2x3 Hexagonal PrismThe hexagonal prism with different cuts so that the square sides are transformed into rectangular sides.

2x2x4 (center-shifted)A mass produced 2x2x4, with a core off-centered by a half cube.
2x2x4 Axis CuboidA 2x2x4 treated like the Axis Cube.
2x2x5 (center-shifted 0.5)A mass produced 2x2x5, with a core off-centered by one halve of a cubie.

2x2x5 (center-shifted 1)A mass produced 2x2x5, with a core off-centered by one cubie.
2x2x50Puzzle like these are designed for the design's sake.
2x2x6 (center-shifted)A mass produced 2x2x6, with a core off-centered by half a cubie.

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