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3x4x5 i-CubeA 5x5x5 bandaged and truncated into something akin a 3x4x5.
3x5x5 BowlingA 3x5x5 with corner truncated to almost nothing.
3x6x8A 8x8x8 bandaged and extended with 3D-printed pieces to resemble a 3x6x8.

4-layered master hexagonal TriprismAlso known as: "4lmhtp"
4x4x4 Brick BarrelA 4x4x4 transformed into the shape of an octagonal prism.
4x4x4 Curvy DinoA corner turning cube very similar to the Curvy Mosaic Cube but two additional pieces.

4x4x4 Mixup RevengeA 4x4x4 with a hole that allows a reduced set of pieces to move during a slice turn.
4x4x4 PenroseA 4x4x4 truncated into three round surfaces in a spiral pattern.
4x4x5 Fisher CuboidA 4x4x6 Fisher Cuboid with one layer removed.

4x6x8 bump cuboidA 4x6x8 bump cuboid (mirror blocks) made with 3D printed extensions.
4x7x7A true 4x7x7 custom made from a 7x7x7
5x5x5 in a bottleA 5x5x5 assembled in a jar.

5x5x7 Bump CubeA 5x5x7 bumped with 3D printed extensions.
5x5x7 CuboidA 7x7x7 bandaged and extended into this cuboid.
5x5x7 GigamoidA Gigaminx with an additional layer on two sides.

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