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Crazy FTRD - ErisCrazy FTRD configured in the only possible setup where the three "1" faces do not intersect.
Crazy Meteor MadnessA crazy variant of the Meteor Madness.
Crazy puzzlerFour intersecting circles, two are 6-fold and two are 3-fold.

Crazy PyraminxA Pyraminx with circles on all four sides. It comes in four different configurations.
Crazy RhomdoA Crazy Comet treated like the Rhomdo.
Crazy RuaThe Rua with circles added to each face.

Crazy Senior BarrelThe crazy variant of the Senior Barrel with one fixed circles and one floating.
Crazy SkewbA skewb with circles. Equivalent to the Crazy tetrahedron.
Crazy Slim PyraminxThe crazy version of the Slim Pyraminx

Crazy UnicornThe Unicorn in a crazy version, with circles on the faces.
CrazyBad 4x4x5 Cuboid (center-shifted)A 4x4x6 with one layer eliminated.
CrosskubeTwo fishered 2x2x2s fused into one compound solid.

Cthulhu 3x3x3A Ghost tetrahedral 3x3x3 with the namegiving fictional figure sitting on it.
Cube ClawA 3x3x3 partially clenched by an animal claw.
CubelA series of three 2x2x2s with a cage-like mechanism

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