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Gap CubeA variant of Polo Gear Cube. The inventor removed one tooth on every face.
Gato cubeA cube similar to the Krenol cube without winnig situations.
Gear Bracelet Double RowSixteen gears placed on a bracelet, grouped in sets of four.

Gear Displaced CylinderA Gear Cube placed in midturn and then reshaped into a cylinder.
Geo Plant PiranhaA sample of Geometry Cube B with some additional art resembling a piranha.
Geometry Cube AA 3x3x3 with just 6 corners and 6 edges.

Geometry Cube BA 3x3x3 with just 6 corners and 7 edges and 2 faces.
Geometry Cube CA 3x3x3 with just 7 corners and 9 edges and 3 faces.
Geranium ButterflyA version of Geranium with six circles in a line-like pattern similar to the olympic rings.

Geranium EclipseA Pocket Geranium with an additional circle.
Geranium WA bigger version of Geranium with twentyone circles in a flower-like pattern.
Ghost 3x3x7The concept of the Ghost cube applied to a 3x3x7.

Ghost 3x5x7A 3x5x7 in shape of a cube after being "ghosted".
Ghost AI5A 5x5x5, bandaged like an AI cube and transformed like a Ghost cube.
Ghost Cubic Split Triangular DominoThe ghost concept applied to yet another puzzle, in this case one that has not been implemented yet.

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