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TriQuadA non truncated version of Bygride-3-4 with different cuts.
Trivial SkewbA skewb with the additional ability to turn the corners, making the puzzle trivial.
True Crazy 2x3x3A proportional 2x3x3 with circles on all sides.

Truncated IcosidodecahedronTwo years after the void version the inventor presented the first solid puzzle implementing all three dodecahedral axis systems.
Truncated Seed 3A variant of Seed 3, truncated on the tips, bringing its shape close to a triangular prism.
Turtle CubeThe Fisher Wall Cube implemented with curvy cuts.

Twin RingsTwo circles rotating in steps of 90 with an intersection smaller than the radius of the circles.
Twist Barrel 2x2x2A 2x2x2 with the shape of a twisted cylinder.
Twisty OrionA dodecahedron with five turns from two different axis systems. A bandaged hybrid puzzle.

UltraGigaMorphixA Gigaminx in the shape of Reuleaux tetrahedron
Uncanny 2x3x3A modified 2x3x3 that resembles the pattern of the Uncanny Cube.
UnicornA Rhino Cube with different cuts.

UVAHAA new interpretation of the I-Cube.
Valentine Gear CubeA Gear Cube covered with what looks like the Valentine Cube.
Valk Power M (LE)A limited edition red version of the Valk Power M.

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