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Evil SeedA trihedron with two layers and three holes to show the internal mechanism.
Face of InfinityA circle puzzle with six hexagonally arranged axes of rotation.
Face of Infinity 7th CircleA variant of the "Face of Infinity" puzzle, where the center can turn.

Face of Infinity 7th Circle UnbandagedA partially unbandaged version of the previous Face of Infinity 7th Circle puzzle.
Face of Infinity UnbandagedAn unbandaged version of The Face of Infinity.
Fake TuttminxClaims to be a tuttminx but has 42 faces instead of 32.

Fisch3D-printed pieces glued onto a 2x2x3 giving it the shape of a fish.
Fisher Curvy CopterA fishered version of the curvy copter.
Fisher Curvy Copter IIIA shape variant of the Curvy Copter III

Fisher Curvy Copter PlusA fishered (the axis system turned by 45 inside its solid) version of the Curvy Copter Plus.
Fisher DNA CubeThe MFJS Fisher DNA cube combines the concepts of Fisher Cube, Mirror Blocks, and Eitan's Twist.
Fisher HexaminxA fishered Hexaminx, a Hexaminx twisted inside of its solid by 45.

Fisher Mental blockFishered variant of the mental block.
Fisher Rex CubeA fishered version of a Rex Cube
Fisher Time Wheel BarrelA Time Wheel fishered and truncated into a cylinder.

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