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Clown BarrelA cylindrical Horror 3x3x3
Coin CubeA very simple hybrid puzzle but interestingly not the simplest.
CollideThree circles with 90-turns but in different sizes.

Collider CubeA face turning tetrakis hexahedron in the shape of a cube.
Collider RhombdoA rhombic dodecahedron with 48 axes of rotation.
Compino DipyramidA remade Curvy Compino in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.

Compound HexagonThe hexagonal predecessor of the Quadrangle.
Copter TowerA 3x3x3 with curvy cuts, fishered and elongated on one axis.
Corner of InfinityA three circle puzzle centered on the corner of a hexagonally tiled infinite plane.

Corner of Infinity UnbandagedAn unbandaged version of the Corner of Infinity.
Crazy 1x2x2The crazy variant of the 1x2x2.
Crazy 1x2x3The crazy variant of the 1x2x3.

Crazy 1x2x3 IIA crazy 1x2x3 with circles on the 1x3 sides. One circle is moving, the other is fixed.
Crazy 2x3x3 IIA 2x3x3 with circles on the 2x3 faces.
Crazy EdgeA hybrid of face and edge turning cube that does not jumble.

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