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CastorOne circle on the inside and five circles on the outside form a complex puzzle, derived from a theory-ladden concept.
Centerless Icosaminx"Voided" version of the icosahedron megaminx.
Charaction CubeA set of eleven bandaged 2x2x2s in shape of various manga characters plus one original.

Cheese Wheel 2x2x2A 2x2x2 with one independently turnable circle per side with eight segments each.
Cheesy 2x2x2A puzzle cheesier than Rubik's Cheese.
Chemical Elements 3x3x3A 3x3x3 covered with a part of the periodic table of elements.

Chocolate DonutLooks like Void Domino but works differently.
Chocolate Rubik's Cube (unextended)A regular 3x3x3 cube which is made of about 95% chocolate.
Christmas Tree 2x2x4A 2x2x4 in shape of a christmas tree.

Christmas Tree 3x3x3A shape mod of a 3x3x3 into a Christmas Tree.
Chroma StarA Kilominx in shape of a Rhombic hexecontahedron.
Circus CubeA very colourful sticker variation to the "One plane truncated cube".

Clover bandageA clover Cube with one half of the possible turns bandaged in a single block.
Clover Cube PlusPlusA modification of the Clover Cube in which the inventor split up the wing pieces.
Clover Tetrahedron (Curvy Copter)The 4-Leaf-Clover Cube in shape of a four-sided solid.

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