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DitetraminxA megaminx redesigned to have the shape of a stellated octahedron.
Dodecahedral Curvy Copter plusAn edge turning dodecahedron with an additional set of cuts for one level of unbandaging.
Dome 2x2x2A 2x2x3 reduced by one layer.

Domino Sliding puzzleA 15-puzzle with four bandagings and an appropriate domino theme.
Double LoticaA custom made Lotica enhanced by an additional circle.
Earth 2x2x2 dodecahedronA 2x2x2 dodecahedron with sticker design of the earth globe.

Earth rhombic dodecahedronA deep cut face turning rhombic dodecahedron with sticker design of the earth globe.
Edge Gear OctahedronA skewb diamond with gears on six edges.
Edge of InfinityA circle puzzle with two intersecting axes of rotation.

Edge of Infinity UnbandagedA partially unbandaged version of the Edge of Infinity.
Elefant3D-printed pieces glued onto a 1x2x3 giving it the shape of an elepfant.
ELeVeN11 tiles moved by two plungers of different size.

Elite PentultimateA face turning dodecahedron with 3 cuts per axis all very close to the puzzle's center.
Enclosed cube 5x5x5The concept of the Enclosed Cube applied to a 5x5x5.
Evgeniy IcosahedronA redesigned and mass produced Dogic.

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