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6-Color Stripe CubeA 3x3x3 modification with a more complex solved position.
6x6x6 Illusion StickerlessThe illusion cube with 6 layers. Made from two mass produced samples.
6x6x6 in a bottleA 6x6x6 assembled in a jar.

6x8x10 (truncated)A pillowed 6x8x10. Made from a 10x10x10.
7x7x7 Fisher CubeA 7x7x7 is fishered which means it was turnd inside its solid by 45.
7x7x7 illusion cube with two colour cornersA V-Cube Illusion without pillowed shape and with two-coloured corners.

7x7x7 Illusion Cube with two colour corners (stickered)A V-Cube Illusion without pillowed shape and with two-coloured corners and stickers applied.
7x7x7 in a bottleA 7x7x7 assembled in a jar.
7x9x11 (truncated)A pillowed 7x9x11. Made from a 11x11x11.

8x8x8 Mirror BlocksA 8x8x8 modified like the Mirror Blocks.
9 layer Square-1A nine-layered version of the Square-1
9x9x9 Diametric HexahedronA 9x9x9 with 3D-printed extensions in the shape of a triagonal dipyramid with different heights.

9x9x9 PenroseA 9x9x9 truncated into three round surfaces in a spiral pattern.
ABAPALA bandaged 4x4x4, stickered to resemble the Fused Cube.
AI 4x4x4 Hexagonal DipyramidA bandaged and truncated 4x4x4.

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