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Rubik's 2x2x2 (57 mm) 57 mm edge length


Bandaged 3x3x3 Fuse Cube A 3x3x3 bandaged like a Fused Cube
Bandaged Cube The first mass produced bandaged 3x3x3 with only one unbandaged piece.
DNA 3x3x3 Magic Cube A mass produced but differently coloured version of the Boney Cube.

Mixup 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 that allows swapping of centers with edges.
Rubik's 30th Anniversary Cube Rubiks Cube made with massive wood to celebrate the Cube's 30th birthday.
Rubik's Icon The original Rubik's cube with different shades of black, grey and white.

Void Cube A 3x3x3 with a hole through the center.
WitEden Super 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 with circles on yellow and white faces. These faces can only be moved when the circles are restored.
WitEden Super 3x3x3 A 3x3x3 with circles on yellow and white faces. These faces can only be moved when the circles are restored.


3x5x5 (Cubic) Not a bandaged 6x6x6 but a built from scratch cuboid.
Coin Cube A very simple hybrid puzzle but interestingly not the simplest.
Compy Skewb A corner turning hexahedron with four (no more!) logical layers.

Crazy Unicorn The Unicorn in a crazy version, with circles on the faces.
Cubic 3x3x5 A 3x3x5 in shape of a hexahedron. This allows some moves a true 3x3x5 cuboid would not allow.
Cubic 3x3x6 Mass produced cubic 3x3x6. A mixtures of pieces from two different pieces.

Cubic 3x3x7 Mass produced cubic 3x3x7.
Cubic 3x3x9 I The logic successor of the cubic 3x3x7. A cuboid out of a series of cubes that behave like a bandaged 9x9x9.
Curvy Copter A variation on the Helicopter Cube that uses curved cuts to reveal the otherwise hidden centerpieces.

Curvy Mosaic Cube A variant of the Fadi Cube (aka "Mosaic Cube") with round cuts.
Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - 6 colours (aka Dino Cube) The most basic corner turning hexahedron. This version has six colours.
Double Crazy Cube A Crazy 3x3x3 with 2 circles on each face.

Double Skewb A Skewb combines with an underlying Pyraminx.
Dreidel Curvy Copter A hybrid of corner turning and edge turning cube. The edge turns are only possible when the corners are placed in midturn.
Elite Skewb The first corner turning hexahedron with 3 cuts per axis.

Honey Copter A contour cut variant of Oskar's Redi Cube. This time the contours of the piece's form heart-like shapes.
Master Clover Cube The higher order version of the 4-Leaf-Clover Cube.
Multi-Skewb Years after the Multi-Dodecahedron the same concept for the corner turning cubes was realized.

Pandora Cube Works like a 3x3x3 but with challenging new exterior.
Pentacle Cube A mass produced cube with pentagrammically cut circles on all six side.
Redi Cube A twisty puzzle cube that turns around its corners. A faceless Compy Cube.

Rex cube A corner turning hexahedron. Very similar to the MasterSkewb but without its corners.
Skewb The deepcut corner turning cube.
Super Ivy (QiYi MoFangGe) Redesign of the Rex Cube with larger centres and petals and additional stabilisation features.

Valentine Gear Cube A Gear Cube covered with what looks like the Valentine Cube.
Venom Cube A cube with hybrid axis system (face turning cube and edge turning cube) with just one piece type and even that is as heavily reduced as possible.


3x3x3 Mixup Ultimate Cube A higher order cousin of the Mozaika. It consists of an outer 2x2x2 and rings of pieces between them. Heavily bandaged.
4+4 corners cube An enhanced version of the "4 corners cube". A puzzle with 16 possible turns in two different sets.
4x4x4 Curvy Dino A corner turning cube very similar to the Curvy Mosaic Cube but two additional pieces.

4x4x4 Fisher cube A fishered 4x4x4.
Axis Cube A 3x3x3 with the cutting planes rotated by 60� around a corner.
AXIS Wheel of Time An axised version of the Wheel of Time.

Bagua Cube The mass produced an enhanced successor of the Octo-Star.
BaiNiaoChaoFeng Cube A mass produced Fisher cube with curvy cuts. Sold stickerless in two different configurations with three colours each.
Bi Yi Niao Cube A jumbling only puzzle succeeding the 4 Corners Cube.

Bump Cube The Bump Cube is a simple 3x3x3 Rubik's cube, but with an interesting twist. It spawned a whole series of puzzles and created a verb of its own.
Cutter Cube The concept of the Wall cube implemented with a 3x3x3
DaYan Bermuda Cube - Venus The Venus version of DaYan's Bermuda series.

Fisher Cube Taking the concept of the Rubik's cube and turning it 45 degrees.
Gear Cube II An enhanced version of the Gear Cube with gears in the corners and more types of moves.
Ghost Cube A 3x3x3 placed in midturn and reoriented in its original shape. Every piece is of unique shape and therefore sticker can be unicoloured.

Horror Void bump cube Bump cube with two solutions.
Maple Leaves Skewb Plus The Maple Leaves Skewb with the strange turns allowing for 90 twists that allow the puzzle to change its shape.
MeiLong HunYuan Oblique Turning Cube V2 A Skewb which allows simple rotations when in midturn. The circles are cut in four segments.

MeiLong Puppet Cube 1 A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended to resemble a bandaged 4x4x4.
MeiLong Puppet Cube 2 A 3x3x3 bandaged and extended to resemble a bandaged 4x4x4.
Polaris Cube A Skewb with eight additional corners that have to placed in midturn.

Square-1 The logo on this version is written in a different font.
Symmetric Mirror Blocks 2x2x2 A 2x2x2 with an axis system shifted symmetrically inside of its solid.
Windmill Cube A 3x3x3 variation built by Katsuhiko Okamoto.


Gear Rhombohedron A straightforward shape variant of the Gear Cube.


2x2x3 (aka Slim Tower) A formerly custom now mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
2x2x4 Unlike the bandaged 4x4x4, all sixteen of these "cubies" are actual cubes.
2x2x5 Another cuboid in the series of 2x2xN puzzles. Implemented five years after the 2x2x6.

2x3x3 Cuboid, made after the original cube craze, first customly from a 3x3x3, then mass produced.
2x3x4 (shape-changing) Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.
2x4x6 (truncated) A pillowed version of the 2x4x6. Made from a mass produced 4x4x6.

3x3x11 (Witeden) A cubic 3x3x9 with two additional layers on top and bottom.
3x3x4 (cube4You) Not the first fully functional 3x3x4 but the first mass produced.
3x3x6 The first fully functional 3x3x6. Later mass produced in two versions.

3x3x7 The first 3x3x7 cuboid.
3x4x5 The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4. Unlike all the previous 3x4x5s, this isn't a cubie chaos out of 2 siamese cubes but a fully finctional 3x4x5 cuboid.
4x4x5 (mass produced) The first mass produced 4x4x5.

4x4x6 A fully functional and fully proportional 4x4x6 made from a 4x4x4.
4x5x5 The "biggest" cuboid in the range of N<=5.
4x5x5 (mass produced) The first mass produced 4x5x5.

Bubbloid112 A corner turning cuboid designed to be a puzzle with a multi-origin-core. The second implementation of this concept.
Bubbloid122 A Compy Cube redesigned to be a puzzle with a multi-origin-core.
Ghost Cube 1x3x3 A "ghosted" version of the floppy prism.


Face Turning Octahedron The first face turning octahedron with straight cuts.
Master Face Turning Octahedron Correctly proportional Master (4-layer) Face Turning Octahedron.


Gear hexagonal prism A mass produced Gear Cube in shape of a hexagonal prism.


Crazy Megaminx DODECAHEDS Another variant of the circle minx but with one piece type less.
Crazy Megaminx Plus - Saturn A Crazy Megaminx where some of the twelve circles move together with the surrounding layer and some not.
Curvy Dino Megaminx A corner turning dodecahedron with five layers per axis.

Curvy Starminx A face turning dodecahedron with a mixture of pieces from other puzzles with this axis system.
Gigaminx The face turning dodecahedron with two layers per face. A Megaminx with an additional layer on each face.
Helicopter Dodecahedron (MF8) This puzzle tries to reimplement the Helicopter Cube in a dodecahedron.

Kilominx The corners-only megaminx in dodecahedral shape which went into mass production.
Master Rediminx A corner turning dodecahedron with five layers per axis, including an edge piece.
Megaminx (1999) This is a newer version of the Megaminx, published by Meffert, with tiles and 12 distinct colours.

Rediminx A mass produced Dino dodecahedron with spherical cuts.
Rex Dodecahedron The second mass produced corner turning dodecahedron.


4x4x4 Rhombic Dodecahedron 12-sided 4x4x4 variation with the shape of a catalan solid.
Evil Eye II (Open-eye) Dodecahedron A variant of the Cross Cube in the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron. The holes make the edges of the inner 3x3x3 visible.
Face Turning Rhombic Dodecahedron A face turning rhombic dodecahedron. The cutting depth is so shallow that non-turning faces are visible.

Rua A face turning rhombic dodecahedron with cuts to make the number of pieces minimal.


2x2x2 Transform pyraminx standard Lolo's octahedron mass produced in the shape of a tetrahedron.
6-Layer Pyramid Tower The 6x6x6 equivalent of the Halpen-Meier-Tetrahedron
Bump Jing's Pyraminx A bumped version of the Halper-Maier-Tetrahedron.

Circle Pyramorphix A variant of the pyramorphix plus a set of corner turns.
Clover Tetrahedron The principle of Clover Cube applied to a tetrahedron.
Collider Tetrahedron A face turning triakis tetrahedron in the shape of a tetrahedron.

Cornerless Clover Tetrahedron A variant of the Clover Tetrahedron without corners, headed for mass production.
Crazy Tetrahedron Simplified Crazy Tetrahedron with one piece type less than the first variant.
Duomo A Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron with a strange cutting pattern.

Emperor Pyraminx A Pyraminx with 7 layers.
Gear Pyraminx The "geared" variant of the Pyraminx.
Gemini Pyraminx The concepts of the Xenomorphix and Genomorphix applied to a Floppy Cube.

Ghost Pyramid Cube A ghosted version of the HMT
Jing's Pyraminx The Jing's pyraminx was created by Adam Cowen and was produced by Uwe Meffert in 2009. It is a pillowed Halpern-Meier pyramid, based on the skewb mechanism.
Master Pyraminx An incredible creation by Katsuhiko Okamoto which later made it into a mass production.

Mastermorphix A higher-order Pyramorphix. A 3x3x3 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.
Megamorphix An even higher-order Pyramorphix. This time a 4x4x4 was transformed into tetrahedral shape.
Pyraminx (rounded corners) The black 1981 Meffert version.

Pyramorphix A 2x2x2 in shape of a tetrahedron.
Reuleaux Ultramorphix A 5x5x5 in shape of a reuleaux tetrahedron.
Reuleaux Ultramorphix A 5x5x5 in shape of a reuleaux tetrahedron.

Royal Pyraminx A Pyraminx with 6 layers.
Void Pyraminx Duo A Pyraminx duo with removed centers and then inner parts stickered.
YJ Crazy Pyraminx A mass produced variant of the Crazy Pyraminx without trivial tips but with independently turning circles.


Yeet ball A mass produced sphere with a mechanism equivalent to the Pyraminx.


3x3x5 Fisher Rocket I A piece shuffle of a 3x3x5 and an octagonal prism with the same mechanism.
Ball in a cube An overlapping cube in a very cool shape.
Calvins Cuboid Series (T-Cube) A 3x3x3 with three sides extended with an additional rotating layer. Member of a whole series similar to the Crazy Plus 3x3x3s.

Cross Cube A 5x5x5 without corners, wings and edges. The X- and T-faces are distinguishable.
Geometry Cube A A 3x3x3 with just 6 corners and 6 edges.
Geometry Cube B A 3x3x3 with just 6 corners and 7 edges and 2 faces.

Geometry Cube C A 3x3x3 with just 7 corners and 9 edges and 3 faces.
Mirror Illusion 3x3x3 Siamese Mixing pieces of two mass produced Mirror cubes. It seems that there is a 2x2x2 fused with a 3x3x3.
Mirror Ilusion Inside Siamese The counterpart of the Mirror Illusion 3x3x3 Siamese, made with their respective inverse subsets.

Rainbow Nautilus A dihedral puzzle with fascinating shape, colors and a strange arrangement of cuts.
Time Machine A 2x2x2 with 6 rings with 12 segments each.
Time wheel A mass produced version of the cross cube with differently placed cuts.

TwistySkewb The concept of Twist Cubies applied to a skewb.
TwistySkewb The concept of Twist Cubies applied to a skewb.
Vulcano A four layer puzzle originally named Trignis or Cross Pyraminx.

X-Cube (Crossoid) A 3x3x3 with additional layers on four of its sides. It became a member of a whole series similar to the Crazy Plus 3x3x3s.
X2 X-Cube A 3x3x3 with two additional layers on four of its sides.


Pyramid Clock A smaller version of Rubik's Clock with just 6 clocks in triangular pattern.
Rubik's 360 Six coloured balls have to be moved in their matching domes.
Rubik's Clock Point all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.


Eitan's Star mechanism The version which was mass produced by MF8 beginning in 2013

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