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X-Cube (Crossoid)
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A 3x3x3 with additional layers on four of its sides. It became a member of a whole series similar to the Crazy Plus 3x3x3s.

This puzzle is puzzle is a 3x3x3 with four of the six faces equipped with an additional layer.
Size: 56 x 93 x 93 mm
Width: 229 grams

When then inventor presented his creation after new year 2013 there was already a mass produced version underway but not revealed. Please refer to images 5-9.
The mass produced version is named: "Calvins Cuboid Series (Crossoid)". This puzzle is a member of a series of ten puzzles all based on the Crazy 3x3x3. All variants are produced with white, black and blue body.
Like the Crazy Plus cubes there are ten different variant thinkable although some are left out of the museum because they already exist in other forms:
The non-extended 3x3x3.
The 3x3x5 (extended on two opposite sides)
The Cross Cube (extended on all six sides)
The crossoid shown here has four extended sides in two opposite pairs.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann, Lawrence Cuthbert, Dane Christianson.


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