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A four layer puzzle originally named Trignis or Cross Pyraminx.

Vulcano looks like four Pyraminxes deeply fused together. It has the same cuts like a normal Pyraminx, but in addition the outstanding faces can also turn. Vulcano can also be said to be a Royal (6-layer) Pyraminx with all edges and corners completely removed. This reduces the number of effective layers to four.

Prototyped in July 2010 under the name Trignis. The name "Trignis" is formed with two latin words: tri (three) + ingnis (fire). A tetrahedron is known to be an ancient symbol of fire, and at each top of the puzzle three tetrahedra tops meet, like three bodies of flame.

Later the puzzle was picked up by Meffert's for mass production. Uwe Meffert decided to give it a new name - Vulcano (keeping the original idea of a peak of fire), and already in December 2010 a new puzzle hit the market. It is sold with additional transparent stickers that show the inventors name.
Edge length: 77 mm
Weight: 155 grams



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