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This collection contains many of the common cubes I have. I've included the quantity because I am interested in trading puzzles with anybody who wants a puzzle I have and has a puzzle I want. Please email if you would like to arrange a trade.


2x2x2 Magic Puzzle Keychain Quantity: 1 A miniature key chain version of East Sheen's 2x2x2 puzzle.
Rubik's Ice Cube Quantity: 1 Clear 2x2x2 Cube.
Rubik's Mini Cube Quantity: 5 Pocket cube.

Rubik's Mini Cube (aka Pocket Cube) Quantity: 3 The 1998 OddzOn version.
Rubik's Pocket Cube Quantity: 1 The 1981 released by Ideal Toy Corporation.
Rubik's Soft Cube Quantity: 1 A very big 2x2x2 made for kids that will survive any frustration-induced collision with a floor or a wall.

Tartan Cube 2x2x2 Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 version of the Tartan Cube.


25th anniversary cube Quantity: 1 Puzzle made for the 25th anniversary of the cube. Good for speedcubing after lubricating.
Aggie Puzzle, The Quantity: 2 A good quality all-red novelty cube.
Bandaged 3x3x3 Big Block Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 bandaged like a Siamese 12.

Bandaged Cube Quantity: 3 The first mass produced bandaged 3x3x3 with only one unbandaged piece.
Cube Puzzle Quantity: 1 Cloned 3x3x3 from the original cube craze.
Jumbo Magic Cube Quantity: 2 This is huge 10 cm cube.

Mini Cube Key Chain Quantity: 30 A Mini Rubik's Cube, produced by Rubik's Studio.
Nine Color Cube Quantity: 1 A unique cube with nine colours distributed on the six faces.
Path Cube Quantity: 1 An attractive colour variation of the Path Cube idea.

Rubenking Cube Quantity: 1 An attractive sticker variation with confusing properties.
Rubik's 30th Anniversary Cube Quantity: 1 Rubiks Cube made with massive wood to celebrate the Cube's 30th birthday.
Rubik's Cube Quantity: 100 Official Rubik's Cubes

Rubik's Cube Quantity: 2 The third of the three different Ideal 1980 U.S. packages.
Rubik's Cube (2000 version) Quantity: 1 The 2000 version.
Rubik's Cube Key Chain Quantity: 5 The original 1982 Rubik's Cube Key Chain by Ideal.

Rubik's Cube Key Chain Quantity: 4 The 2002 Milton Bradley version.
Rubik's Cube Key Ring Quantity: 1 The 1998 OddzOn packaging.
Rubik's Icon Quantity: 1 The original Rubik's cube with different shades of black, grey and white.

Splitted Color Cube Quantity: 1 3x3x3 with two colours on each face
Sudoku Cube Quantity: 1 A cube covered with sudoku-themed stickers.
Tartan Cube 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 A brilliant design, filled with symmetries, some of which only become apparent after you scramble it.

Toys Tiled Cube Quantity: 1 This plain tiled cube suffers from the same lack of quality common to all the "Toys" cubes.
Ultimate Cube Quantity: 1 A clever Rubik's Cube variant.

Void Cube Quantity: 5 A 3x3x3 with a hole through the center.
Wonderful Puzzler - Semi-Translucent Quantity: 1 This Wonderful Puzzler is made from a semi-translucent base plastic.
Wonderful Puzzler (Key Chain) Quantity: 1 A Wonderful Puzzler keychain with normal colours.


Glow in the Dark Cube Quantity: 1 Yes, it glows in the dark!
Rubik's Perpetual Calendar Quantity: 1 Dutch version. Mint condition.


4x4x4 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 2 East Sheen's 2002 4x4x4 cube.
Master Cube Quantity: 1 Meffert's 1999 version.
Rubik's Revenge (ITC) Quantity: 1 Follow up to the Rubik's cube, as shown by its name. Produced in 1982 and 1983 by Ideal Toy Corporation in Korea, Macau and Hong Kong.

Rubik's Revenge (Seven Towns) Quantity: 1 Version by Seven towns from 2000.


5x5x5 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 5x5x5 cube.
Professor Cube (grooved tiles) Quantity: 1 Meffert's 1998 tiled version.
Professor Cube (no white side) Quantity: 1 Professor Cube. Invented by Udo Krell. This one has no white side. Produced in Hong Kong.

Rubik's 5x5x5 Quantity: 1 Version by from 2002
V-Cube 5 Quantity: 2 Five layered cube

6X6X6 & UP

V-CUBE 6 Quantity: 2 The first mass produced 6x6x6. A six layered cube.
V-CUBE 7 Quantity: 3 The first 7x7x7. A seven layered cube.


Cubic 3x3x5 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x5 in shape of a hexahedron. This allows some moves a true 3x3x5 cuboid would not allow.
Cubic 3x3x7 Quantity: 1 Mass produced cubic 3x3x7.
Curvy Copter Quantity: 1 A variation on the Helicopter Cube that uses curved cuts to reveal the otherwise hidden centerpieces.

Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - 6 Colour (aka: Dino Cube) Quantity: 1 The most basic cornerturning hexahedron. This version has six colours. This cube was hand-made from a Rainbow cube.
Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - Dinosaurs (aka: Dino Cube) Quantity: 2 The most basic cornerturning hexahedron. This version has four dinosaurs on each face. These dinosaurs gave the puzzle its name.
Edges Only Void Cube Quantity: 1 A Void Cube with hidden corners.

Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube) Quantity: 1 The first edge turning hexahedron, now a classic puzzle.
Helicopter Skewb Quantity: 1 A hybrid of Helicopter cube and Skewb. This puzzle brings jumbling to a new level.
Rex cube Quantity: 2 A cornerturning hexahedron. Very similar to the MasterSkewb but without its corners.

Skewb Quantity: 1 The deepcut corner turning cube.
Void Skewb - Holey Skewb Quantity: 1 A Skewb with holes and modified core.


Axiscube Quantity: 3 A 3x3x3 with the cutting planes rotated by 60°.
Bump Cube Quantity: 1 The Bump Cube is a simple 3x3x3 Rubik's cube, but with an interesting twist. It spawned a whole series of puzzles and created a verb of its own.
Bump/Mirror Cube (Mirror Blocks Cube) Quantity: 6 Invented by Hidetoshi Takeji, Mirror Blocks is a simple 3x3 Rubik's cube, but with an interesting twist.

Caution Cube aka Gear Cube Quantity: 3 A Rubik’s Cube with edges that turn by gears.
Fisher Square-1 Quantity: 4 A Square-1 twisted by 45° inside its solid.
Gear Shift Quantity: 1 A 3-D puzzle solely based on gears.

Square-2 Quantity: 1 A modified Square-1 where the corners are split into two pieces. A non-bandaged puzzle unlike the original.
Super Square-1 Quantity: 1 A new challenge to the Square-1 / Cube 21.


1x2x2 Quantity: 2 It is not a boob cube but a boob can solve this one too.
1x3x3 aka Floppy Cube Quantity: 5 A functional proportional looking 1x3x3. This puzzle is the Japanese version in the package.
2 Layer Super Square 1 Quantity: 2 A super Square-1 reduced to 2 layers.

2x2x3 (aka: Slim Tower) Quantity: 2 A formerly custom now massproduced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
2x2x4 Quantity: 1 Unlike the bandaged 4x4x4, all sixteen of these "cubies" are actual cubes.
2x3x3 Quantity: 3 Custom made 2x3x3 cuboid, invented by Tony Fisher.

2x3x4 (semi fully functional) Quantity: 1 Another 2x3x4. Compared with the first (by Tony Fisher) this can change its shape in a limited way only.
2x3x4 (shape-changing) Quantity: 1 Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.
3x3x4 (cube4You) Quantity: 2 Not the first fully functional 3x3x4 but the first mass produced.

3x3x5 (Extended) Quantity: 3 A custom built 3x3x3 variation that functions as a 3x3x3.
3x4x5 Quantity: 1 The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4. Unlike all the previous 3x4x5s, this isn't a cubie chaos out of 2 siamese cubes but a fully finctional 3x4x5 cuboid.
Case Cube (Box Cube) Quantity: 1 An extended version of the "Octagon/Cube".

Crazy 2x2x4 Quantity: 2 A 2x2x4 with circles on the not-extended sides.
Crazy 2x3x3 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x4 with two layers removed but not hidden.
Floppy Blocks Quantity: 1 The concept of the Bump Cube (aka Mirror Blocks) combined with the Floppy Cube.

Grown Tower Quantity: 1 A fully functional 3x3x5.


3x3x4 Trajber Octahedron Quantity: 1 This puzzle was made from a cube4you 3x3x4.
Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental) Quantity: 1 The P.G. Continental version.
Skewb Diamond Quantity: 1 Meffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.

Trajber's Octahedron Quantity: 1 Of this 3x3x3-variant only few examples were produced and sold in the eighties.


Hex Prism 1 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 in shape of a hexagonal prism.


Dino Dodecahedron Quantity: 1 The easiest corner turning dodecahedron. The name is taken from its hexahedral cousin.
Dodecahedron 2x2x2 Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 with the shape of a dodecahedron.
Dodecahedron 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 Built on a 3x3x3 with extensions only.

Gigaminx Quantity: 2 A Megaminx with an additional layer on each face.
Helicopter Dodecahedron (MF8) Quantity: 1 This puzzle tries to reimplement the Helicopter Cube in a dodecahedron.
Megaminx Quantity: 1 Meffert's version from 1982 with six colours.

Megaminx (1999) Quantity: 1 This is a newer version of the Megaminx, published by Meffert, with tiles and 12 distinct colours.
Pyraminx Crystal Quantity: 1 Essentially a deeper cut megaminx at heart, the Pyraminx crystal adds a new twist to the classic puzzle.
Skewb Ultimate Quantity: 1 A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


Hexagonal Dipyramid 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 half-regularly truncated on 6 corners and afterwards extended. The result has th shape of the name giving solid.


Hoberman's Brain Twist Quantity: 1 A vertex turning tetrahedron that can turn insideout.
Magic Cube Pyraminx Quantity: 3 A knock-off pyraminx with prismatic stickers.
Mastermorphix Quantity: 1 A higher-order Pyramorphix. A 3x3x3 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.

Mini Pyramids Quantity: 2 This knock-off measures 52mm along an edge.
Pyraminx (Tomy 1981) Quantity: 1 The 1981 Tomy version. Most samples came with logo on the yellow face.
Pyramorphix Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 in shape of a tetrahedron.


Dayan Jewel Quantity: 1 Mass produced remake of the original Magic Jewel.
Fisher's Truncated Octahedron (aka Skewb Hex) Quantity: 1 This gorgeous puzzle is actually a truncated Skewb Diamond.
Rainbow Cube Quantity: 1 A beautiful (but simple) puzzle closely related to the Dino Cube!

Resistance Puzzle Quantity: 1 A sticker variant of the "Hex Skewb" produced as a merchandising article for the rock band MUSE.


IQ 139 Puck (colourful) Quantity: 1 This is another version of the IQ139-theme. It combines the number with the colorful pieces of the Brainbow-variant.
Red & Yellow Puck Quantity: 1 This version has alternating red and yellow wedges, and a smilie face on the center of the opposite side.


3D Creative Puzzleball Quantity: 1 Produced with white or black body.
Ball Key Chain (38 mm) Quantity: 1 A 38 mm 3x3x3 ball

Circusmaster Masterball Quantity: 1 Depicts various circus scenes.
Dragonmaster Masterball Quantity: 1 A very nice masterball variant depicting St. George and the dragon.
Impossiball (aka Incrediball) Quantity: 1 A unique dodecahedral puzzle.

Mach Ball - Flag Quantity: 1 Mach Ball with flags of several european states.
Mickey's Challenge Puzzleball Quantity: 1 This puzzleball features embossed Mickey and Donald characters.
Rubik's World Quantity: 1 A black globe on a stand with the seven continents in various colours. Mint condition.

SoccerMaster Masterball Quantity: 1 This green Masterball features a soccer (aka: football) theme. Can you score a goal?


2x3x3 Cylinder Quantity: 1 A 2x3x3 in shape of a cylinder.
Cheese Quantity: 1 Anthony Greenhill's 2-layered Cheese created from an UFO mechanism.
Dino Cylinder Quantity: 1 A Dino Cube in cylindral shape with bright black plastic and very reduced stickers.

Fisher's Cylinder Cube Quantity: 1 This is an interesting subset of a Rubik's Cube, as almost every piece is duplicated four times.


Golden Egg Quantity: 1 This egg is yellow.
Morphegg Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 in shape of an egg.
ZhiSheng Egg Quantity: 1 Another 3x3x3 in shape of an egg or potato.


Alexander's Star Quantity: 1 A confusing twelve sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.
Star 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 in shape of a star with five tips.


Darth Maul Head Quantity: 4 A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Darth Maul's head.
Homer Simpson Head Quantity: 2 A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Homer Simpson's head.
Ingot 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 Available in five different colors: green, yellow, blue, red and golden.

Mickey Mouse Head - Crakit version Quantity: 1 The first generation of a 2x2x2 with the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
Rubik's Anakin Skywalker - Darth Vader head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Darth Sidious - Count Dooku head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.

Rubik's Jango Fett - Clone Trooper head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Obi Wan Head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's R2D2 - C3P0 head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.

Rubik's Senator Amidala - Princess Leia head Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Ultraman Quantity: 1 2x2 cube.
Valentine's Heart Cube Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 in shape of a heart.


3x3x3 Color Cake Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 in shape of a 3-layered cake.
Babylon Cube II Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 with four corners truncated into almost nothing and many additional cubies glued upon the cubies.
Crystal 3x3x3 C4 Quantity: 1 Extended version of the normal Crystal 3x3x3.

Crystal Cube - Small Meteor Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 cube with dramatically shaved down corners and center cubie attachments.
Extended Cube Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 with 54 cubies glued upon each face. Looks identical to the Cross Cube which allows additional funcationality but was invented way later.
Flop Easy Quantity: 2 A Floppy Cube with 2 pieces removed.

Lethal Weapon Quantity: 1 This is just a shape transformation to a 3x3x3 cube. It is similar to the theme of the Extended Cube.
Platypus Quantity: 1 Also called: Jackpot/Platypus/Pyrabix/NGP/Xtreme Puzzle.
Rubik's UFO Quantity: 2 An attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze. Mint condition in the hexagon package.

Scramble Cube +4 Quantity: 1 An enhanced scramble cube with four additional pieces. I made this one.
Vulcano Quantity: 1 A four layer puzzle originally named Trignis or Cross Pyraminx.


Back Spin / Loophole Quantity: 3 A mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles.
Codebreaker Quantity: 1 A moving hole puzzle where you can can twist the 4 corner tiles all at once. Mint condition.
Crossteaser Quantity: 1 Rotate color wheels into the open space to move.

Ivory Tower (aka Tower of Babylon) Quantity: 1 One of the more successful puzzles from the original cube craze.
Missing Link Quantity: 3 Probably the most popular tile sliding puzzle ever.
Missing Link Key Chain Quantity: 1 The 1982 official keychain variant of Missing Link released by Ideal.

Pepsi Can Quantity: 1 A tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a Pepsi can. The sliding is somewhat shifted.
Puzzle Pens Quantity: 5 These 14cm puzzle pens are identical except for their base outer colour and the colour of the missing tile.
Spongebob 2x4 Quantity: 4 Burger King's 2 layer Missing Link type of puzzle, used to promote the Spongebob movie.


Cmetrick Too Quantity: 4 Each of the four spheres has to have its own color.
Hungarian Rings - Singapore Airlines Quantity: 2 Group the four colours to solve this puzzle.
Orb (aka Orb-It) (english versions) Quantity: 1 A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions. The non-english versions have their own entry.

Ten Billion Barrel Quantity: 1 An impossibly hard ball moving puzzle. Mint condition.
Top-Spin Quantity: 1 "Just put the numbers in order"... sounds a lot easier than it is!


Arusloky Quantity: 1 Two rotating circles - very similar to the Cohan Circle puzzle.
Chromosix Colour Ball (aka Cromoball, Mystic I.Q. Ball) Quantity: 1 This version has no markings. Simply solve by colour.
Double Disk Quantity: 1 A puzzle with four rotating intersecting circles.

Puzzler - Avenger Quantity: 1 Rotate each half to scramble or return colours. The most difficult of the three versions.
Turbo Mind Twister Quantity: 1 Slide the cars and twist the sphere in an effort to park each car beside its matching color spot.


3x4x5 (Evil Cuboid) Quantity: 1 A not fully-functional cuboid. Made from a siamese-variant.
Fused Quadruple Mini 2x2x2 Quantity: 3 Quadruple 2x2x2 mini cube
Mirror Cubes 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 A pair of Fused 3x3x3's glued together as if they were mirrored at the conjunction plane.


Highwise Puzzler Quantity: 1 Appears to be a Rubik's Snake clone.
Mindjewel Quantity: 1 A pentagonal cousin of Rubiks Snake.
P.G. Co Puzzle Snake Key Chain Quantity: 1 Came in four different colours.

Rubik's Magic (Matchbox) Quantity: 1 The 1986 black Matchbox version.
Rubik's Magic (OddzOn) Quantity: 1 The 1997 red OddzOn version.
Rubik's Snake Quantity: 1 The original version produced by Politoys.

Rubik's Snake Keychain Quantity: 1 The 1998 OddzOn version.
Spiderman Junior Magic Quantity: 1 Similar to the Transformer Junior.


Rubik's Revolution Mini Quantity: 1 The smaller version of Rubiks Revolution. It comes with a keychain.
Rubik's Slide Quantity: 3 Twist and slide the top face of the cube to move the lights until you reach the solution.
Rubik's Touch Cube Quantity: 2 An electronic Rubiks Cube completely playable.

Rubiks Revolution Quantity: 4 An electronic-based multi-game-object which looks like the puzzle that started it all.


Color Matcher (aka Circus Puzzle, aka Circus Seven) Quantity: 1 A simple little puzzle that can be solved quite quickly with an exhaustive search.


Brainstring Advanced Quantity: 1 An improved design and an additional set of strings set this version apart from the original.
Planets Quantity: 1 Four balls in a frame. Craters on each ball block and unblock rotation of the adjacent balls.
Rubik's Clock Quantity: 1 Point all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.

Spinout Quantity: 3 Try and remove the inner sliding mechanism, blocked by knobs you can only turn one at a time.
The Brain Quantity: 1 The object of this puzzle is to get all the sliders either in or out. Several stacked and slotted disks inside the puzzle limit the range of movement at each step.


Cube Games Book Quantity: 1
Simple Solutions To Rubik's Magic Quantity: 1 Bantam Books
The Cube - The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best-Selling Puzzle Quantity: 1 The Cube - The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best-Selling Puzzle - Secrets, Stories, Solutions

The Simple Solution To Rubik's Cube Quantity: 1 Bantam Books


Rubik's Eclipse Quantity: 1 "The world's most addictive strategy game."
Rubik's Game Quantity: 1 Create a row of 3 pegged squares of ONE of your colours - vertically, horizontally or diagonally, on one side of the Cube.
Rubik's Magic Strategy Game Quantity: 2 "Easy to learn, a challenge to win." (Not to be confused with Rubik's Infinity, which is "easy to learn, a challenge to master"!)


Ball Pen Quantity: 1 A ball pen which can be released when the attached 1x1x3 is "solved".
Rubik's Cube Mug Quantity: 1 A mug that resembles Rubiks Cube.
Rubik's Cube Stress Reliever Quantity: 1 A squeeze ball in shape of a cube.

USB Stick Quantity: 1 A USB-Stick which pretends to be a 1x1x3.
X-Tra Alarm Clock Quantity: 1 A alarm clock looking like the Rubiks. It is not a puzzle because only one side can be moved to swith between the modes.

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