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Alexander's Star
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A confusing twelve sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.

Came in two varieties: painted surfaces or stickers. Since the design of the puzzle practically forces the stickers to peel before too long, the painted variety is likely a later version.

This is an odd puzzle to solve, and never really looks complete unless you know what you're looking for. The puzzle is solved when each pair of parallel planes is made up of only one colour. To see a plane, however, you have to look "past" the five pieces on top of it, all of which could/should have different colours than the plane you're solving.

There are actually two or three dozen solved variations, based on how the planes of colours intersect, but unless you know what to look for it's hard to impossible to tell the difference in a casual glance. There are twelve stars and six colours, which means that each colour has two parallel planes. Its shape is called "Great dodecahedron" which is one of the four Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra.

Molded into the plastic of the bottom of the original package are the following groups of text: "� IDEAL TOY Co LTD" and "7M-6998-01"

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Sale Date Price (USD) Sale Type Condition Package Condition Notes Contributors Edit
Jul 14 2002 $41.13 eBay Auction Average Average Plastic container. Sandy
Aug 18 2002 $35.00 eBay Auction Average Average Plastic container. Sandy
Sep 14 2003 $54.44 eBay Auction Mint Sealed None Sandy
Feb 6 2004 $13.50 eBay Auction Good Missing stickered version mike grimsley
Aug 29 2004 $11.50 eBay Auction Average Missing None Gustav
May 27 2006 $4.99 eBay Auction Good Good None Justin Eimers
Jul 12 2009 $42.00 eBay Auction Good Missing None Unknown
Jul 15 2009 $51.06 eBay Auction Average Missing The puzzle has both its ALEXANDRA'S STAR & I.T.C 1982 MADE IN CHINA Stickers, the colours are all very good, with only very few areas showing minimal wear. J Wright
Jul 15 2009 $20.00 eBay Auction Average Missing Some of the stickers are pealing back, but all are attached. J Wright
Sep 27 2009 $21.99 eBay Auction Mint Sealed Painted Variant, Perfect Condition. Carl Padover
Jun 13 2010 $14.49 eBay Auction Good Missing Slight wear from use Ryan A
Oct 17 2010 $47.00 eBay Auction Good Missing None Christopher
Jul 21 2011 $15.00 eBay Auction Average Missing Corners of some stickers peeling Keegan
Nov 26 2011 $23.50 eBay Auction Mint Excellent None marcom
Jun 26 2013 $40.00 Other Mint Sealed None Unknown
Nov 13 2021 $20.00 Other Average Poor Packaging damaged; puzzle worn but stickers intact and functional; bought on Mercari PuzzleAF



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