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I collected puzzles when I was 9 years old - that was over 25 years ago. Still very interested in adding to my collection. I didn't know there were other people into puzzle collecting.


Rubik's Pocket Cube Quantity: 1 The 1981 released by Ideal Toy Corporation.


ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging III) Quantity: 1 The third of the three different Ideal 1980 U.S. packages. With a transparent sticker carrying the logo.
Le Cube Quantity: 1 This decent quality cube was made in Taiwan. With stickers in black and purple.
Rubik's Cube (OddzOn) Quantity: 1 Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's

Rubik's Cube Key Ring (Rubik's Studio) Quantity: 1 A Mini Rubik's Cube, produced by Rubik's Studio.


Chuck E Cheese Cube Quantity: 1 A cube advertising for the fast food chain.
Fruit Cube I Quantity: 1 The first fruit cube produced by Wonderful Puzzler in 1987.
Poker Cube III Quantity: 1 Another variation of the Poker Cube theme.


Ball Key Chain (38 mm) Quantity: 1 A 38 mm 3x3x3 ball
Magic Ball (aka Rubik's Sphere) - 58 mm Quantity: 1 One of the spherical Rubiks cubes produced during the original cube craze. A derivative of the Wonderful Puzzler.


Alexander's Star Quantity: 1 A confusing twelve sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.


Back Spin Quantity: 1 A mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles.
Missing Link Quantity: 1 The tile sliding puzzle from the original cube craze.
Rotopuzz Quantity: 1 This hex-shaped, 3x6 Whip-It puzzle is about 72 mm tall.

Whip-It 3x6 (cylindrical) Quantity: 1 This 3x6 Whip-It stands approximately 7cm tall.


Entrapment Quantity: 1 A strange puzzle with moving marbles that came in two different versions.
Orb (aka Orb-It) (english versions) Quantity: 1 A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions. The non-english versions have their own entry.
Top-Spin Quantity: 1 "Just put the numbers in order"... sounds a lot easier than it is!


Rubik's Magic (Matchbox) Quantity: 1 The 1986 black Matchbox version.
Rubik's Snake Quantity: 1 The original version produced by Politoys.


Cube Games Book Quantity: 1
Simple Solutions To Cubic Puzzles Quantity: 1 Came with two different covers.
The Simple Solution To Rubik's Cube Quantity: 1 Bantam Books

The Winning Solution To Rubik's Revenge Quantity: 1 A book written by the winner of the first Rubiks Cube championship in 1982, Hungary.


Flat Pattern Matching Puzzle Quantity: 1 R.O.C. Patent No 65150
Rubik's cube hairband Quantity: 1 Rubik's cube hair band - early 1980's
Six Sided Link Puzzle with metallic links Quantity: 1 Six Sided Link Puzzle with metallic links

Small Red Snake 10 inches Quantity: 1 Small Red Snake 10 inches long. Not genuine Rubik's product. It is a snake knock off
Trillion Puzzle Quantity: 1

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