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These are puzzles that I started to collect from 2008.

Quantity: 1


2x2x2 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 2x2x2 cube.
Rubik's Pocket Cube Quantity: 1 The 1981 release by Ideal.
Rubik's Soft Cube Quantity: 1 A very big 2x2x2 made for kids that will survive any frustration-induced collision with a floor or a wall.


Aggie Puzzle, The Quantity: 1 A good quality all-red novelty cube.
Crazy 3x3x3 Plus Cube - Earth Quantity: 1 A Crazy 3x3x3 where some of the six circles move together with the surrounding layer and some not.
Cubix Tube Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 with tube-like pieces.

Fluffy Cube aka Venus Cube Quantity: 1 The world's first in Wavy-style Rubik's 3*3*3 Cube.
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging III) Quantity: 1 The third of the three different Ideal 1980 U.S. packages. With a transparent sticker carrying the logo.
P.G.Co. Puzzle Quantity: 1 Probably an official reproduction of the Rubik's Cube. Was also made with white body.

Rubik's Cube (second batch by Politechnika) Quantity: 1 The second batch of the Politechnika version from 1977.
Wonderful Puzzler Quantity: 1 Easily the most well known of the Rubik's Cube clones.
World's smallest Rubik's (20 mm) Quantity: 1 The name exaggerates but it is indeed very small.

Zauberpuzzle Quantity: 1 From Politechnika. Maybe the first DIY kit of a 3x3x3. Was available in at least two languages.


Mad Triad Quantity: 1 Ten overlapping wheels.
TO-FU DX Quantity: 1


Crazy 4x4x4 II Quantity: 1 The next logical step after the Crazy 4x4x4. A very clever implementation of the Super Crazy 4x4x4.
Rubik's Revenge Quantity: 1 Ideal's 1982 version from Hong Kong.
Rubik's Revenge (ITC) Quantity: 1 Follow up to the Rubik's cube, as shown by its name.
Produced in 1982 and 1983 by Ideal in Korea and Macau.

Rubik's Studio 4x4x4 Quantity: 1 The new retooled version of Rubik's Revenge produced in Hungary by Rubik's Studio.
Shepherd 4x4x4 Quantity: 1 The stickering scheme of the Shepherd cube applied to a 4x4x4
Super 4x4x4 Quantity: 1 A sticker variant of the 4x4x4. Compared with the traditional stickering scheme the face pieces are distinguishable.

Wall Cube (Burr Cube) Quantity: 1 A bandaged 4x4x4 variation that looks like a brick wall.


Rubik's 5x5x5 Quantity: 1 Version by from 2002
Super 5x5x5 Quantity: 1 The 5x5x5 super group cube. Unlike the standard 5x5x5, each of the nine center cubies on each face has only one solved position and one solved orientation.

6X6X6 & UP

V-CUBE 6 Quantity: 1 The first mass produced 6x6x6. A six layered cube.
V-Cube 7 Dazzler Quantity: 1 A mass produced 7x7x7 with colored plastic pieces instead of stickers.


Curvy Copter III Quantity: 1 An edge-turning hexahedron with cuttings depths somewhere between Curvy Copter and Curvy Copter II.
Curvy Copter Plus Quantity: 1 A Curvy Copter with split up X-pieces
F-Skewb Quantity: 1 F-Skewb = Offset Skewb + 4 Dino cuts

Lattice Cube Quantity: 1 Could be thought of as a Master Dino Cube.
Skewb Quantity: 1 The deepcut corner turning cube.


4x4x4 Mixup Plus Cube Quantity: 1 A mass produced Mixup Cube. Compared with the "3x3x3"-variant three rings are further split up.
Gear Shift Quantity: 1 A 3-D puzzle solely based on gears.
Ghost Cube Quantity: 1 A midturn 3x3x3 still in hexahedral shape but with such an awkwardly oriented axis system that every piece is uniquely shape and therefore sticker can be unicolored.

MF8 Square-1 Quantity: 1 MF8s version from 2007. Produced in five different colors.
Pillowed Hexaminx Quantity: 1 A pillowed version of the Hexaminx.


Squished Skewb Quantity: 1 A skewb in shape of a rhombohedron.


2x3x3 Quantity: 1 Cuboid, made after the original cube craze, first customly from a 3x3x3, then mass produced.
2x3x4 (semi fully functional) Quantity: 1 Another 2x3x4. Compared with the first (by Tony Fisher) this can change its shape in a limited way only.
3x4x5 Quantity: 1 The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4.

4x5x5 (mass produced) Quantity: 1 The first mass produced 4x5x5.
B�v�s Domino Quantity: 1 Some package variants for the 2x3x3, all made out of cardboard.
Crazy 2x2x4 Quantity: 1 A 2x2x4 with circles on the not-extended sides.

Crazy 2x3x3 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x4 with two layers removed but not hidden.
Floppy Blocks Quantity: 1 The concept of the Bump Cube (aka Mirror Blocks) combined with the Floppy Cube.
Hanayama 1x2x5 Glico Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x5 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.

Hanayama 1x2x5 Ice Pop Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x5 for Hanayama Ice Pops.
Hanayama 1x2x5 Pocky Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x5 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.


Dayan Corner Octahedron Quantity: 1 Modern mass produced variant of the "Magic Octahedron" from the eighties. Sold in differently colored versions.
Face Turning Octahedron Quantity: 1 The first face turning octahedron with straight cuts.
Skewb Diamond Quantity: 1 Meffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.

Star Puzzler (aka: Magic Octahedron) Quantity: 1 Made in Taiwan.


Dayan Gem VIII Quantity: 1 A face-turning octahedron in shape of a truncated tetrahedron (an archimedean solid) with non-equidistant cuts.


Curvy Starminx Quantity: 1 A face turning dodecahedron with a mixture of pieces from other puzzles with this axis system.
Dino Dodecahedron Quantity: 1 The easiest corner turning dodecahedron. The name is taken from its hexahedral cousin.
Gigaminx Quantity: 1 The face turning dodecahedron with two layers per face. A Megaminx with an additional layer on each face.

Holey Megaminx Quantity: 1 The Holey Megaminx or Void Megaminx - inspired by the Void Cube this is a megaminx without centres.
Master Kilominx Quantity: 1 A face-turning dodecahedron with only 4 pieces along one edge.
MF8 Helicopter Dodecahedron Quantity: 1 This puzzle tries to reimplement the Helicopter Cube in a dodecahedral solid. A mass produced version followed one year later.

Pentagram Quantity: 1 A corner-turning dodecahedron.
Pentultimate Quantity: 1 The deepcut face turning dodecahedron.
Petaminx Quantity: 1 At the time it was the most valuable puzzle known to exist. What else can somebody say about a puzzle sold for $3550?

Pyraminx Crystal Quantity: 1 Essentially a deeper cut megaminx at heart, the Pyraminx crystal adds a new twist to the classic puzzle.
Void Master Pentultimate Quantity: 1 The mass produced version of the Void Master Pentultimate. Comes with caps to allow users to have non-void version as well.


Hanayama 1x2x3 Pack (green) Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x3 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.
Hanayama 1x2x3 Pack (red) Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x3 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.
Hoberman's Brain Twist Quantity: 1 A vertex turning tetrahedron that can turn insideout

Professor Pyraminx Quantity: 1 Five-layer pyraminx in pillowed tetrahedron shape.
Pyraminx (Meffert 1981) Quantity: 1 The white 1981 Meffert version.
Pyramorphix Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 in shape of a tetrahedron.


Standard 3-Layers Pentahedron Puzzle Quantity: 1 A derivative of the Triangular Prism with three layers.


Concept 11 - DaYan Gem III Quantity: 1 A hybrid puzzle in the most appropriate shape of a truncated octahedron.
DaYan Gem II Quantity: 1 A hybrid of a 3x3x3 and a helicopter cube.
Dayan Jewel Quantity: 1 Mass produced remake of the original Magic Jewel.

Dodecagonal Prism (4 layer) Quantity: 1 The Dodecagonal Prism in the version with four layers.
Pillow Cube (aka Cushion, UFO) III Quantity: 1 This version has "Allco Wrfelpyramide" or "Million Space Shuttle" written on one of its two white center stickers.
Rainbow Cube Quantity: 1 A beautiful (but simple) puzzle closely related to the Dino Cube!

Rainbow Cube - 14 Colour Quantity: 1 Version of the Rainbow Cube with fourteen colours.


DeFTI Quantity: 1 A Deeper Face Turning Icosahedron. The short form of this gives the puzzle its name.
Dogic 2 (10 colors) Quantity: 1 A Dogic reassembled to have a different colour layout.
Octaminx Ultimate Quantity: 1 Pyraminx Ultimate with small pyramidal tips. This version became mass produced.


Dayan Gem VI Quantity: 1 A relative of the Wheel-of-Wisdom in shape of a Truncated triakis octahedron.
Rhombic Triacontahedron Megaminx Quantity: 1 A megaminx in shape of the name giving solid.


Tuttminx Quantity: 1 The puzzle is an extension of the Megaminx to a truncated icosahedron (soccerball or buckyball for the chemists). All 32 sides are rotatable.


IQ 139 Puck (colorful) Quantity: 1 This is another version of the IQ139-theme. It combines the number with the colorful pieces of the Brainbow-variant.


Ball.B - Orange Dots Quantity: 1 A mass produced spherical megaminx with a new mechanism. This version has an orange body covered with dots.
Bank Sphere Quantity: 1 A hollow spherical 3x3x3 that can be opened in its solved state.
Basketball Dreamball (transparent) Quantity: 1 The transparent version.

Brainstring R Quantity: 1 The third puzzle named "Brainstring". A minimal twist with elastic string within it.
Crazee World Quantity: 1 2x2x2 in globe designs in various colours all with 70 mm diameter. These are the version named Crazee World
D-Ball Globe Quantity: 1 Another 2x2x2 depicting the earth. With japanese or english marks.

Dioctipoid Quantity: 1 A spherical puzzle designed from scratch that behaves like a corner turning hexahedron.
Football Dreamball (transparent) Quantity: 1 The transparent version.
Geomaster Masterball (aka Rainbow) Quantity: 1 The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.

German Globe Quantity: 1 A spherical 3x3x3 covered with globe-like theme.
Globe Ball Quantity: 1 A spherical skewb.
Globe ball (detailed painting) Quantity: 1 A spherical skewb with more complex painting.

Globe Puzzle Quantity: 1 A very low quality 3x3x3 puzzle.
Goofy & Mickey Puzzleball Quantity: 1 The two Disney characters playing soccer in 3D relief.
Impossiball (aka Incrediball) Quantity: 1 A unique dodecahedral puzzle.

K-Ball Hearts Quantity: 1 This K-Ball shows two different hearts.
K-Ball Superior Quantity: 1 K-Ball Superior - Large (82 mm) Pearlescent Globe design.
Magical Ball Quantity: 1 A puzzle which is solvingwise a subset of the megaminx but uses a completely different pull-and-turn-mechanism.

Marusenko Sphere Quantity: 1 A spherical cousin of the Junior Cross cube. It comes with a wide variety of color schemes.
Rubik's World Quantity: 1 A black globe on a stand with the seven continents in various colours.
Rubiks Earth Quantity: 1 A spherical 2x2x2 showing a world map.

Thomas Ball - Coloured Edges Quantity: 1 In this version the edge pieces need to be solved too.
Topola Quantity: 1 A sphercial hollow 2x2x2. The motives represent topological topics and appropriate exercises.
Twistball - Rainbow Collection Quantity: 1 Four variants of the spherical Rainbow Cube.

Venus Dreamball (transparent) Quantity: 1 The transparent version.
Worldmaster Masterball Quantity: 1 World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Masterball.


Hanayama 1x2x3 Bottle Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x3 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.
Hanayama 1x2x3 Calbee Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x3 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.
Hanayama 1x2x5 Marble Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x5 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.

Hanayama 1x2x5 Unaimentai Quantity: 1 A promotional 1x2x5 for a sort of candies from Hanayama.


Alexander's Star Quantity: 1 A confusing twelve sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.
Globall Quantity: 1 Reminds one of the Alexander's Star but it behaves like an inverted faceless megaminx
Megastar Quantity: 1 A compound of an icosahedral Imbossiball and a corners-only megaminx.

Super Star Quantity: 1 An edges only tuttminx. The shape is called "Dodecahedron-Small Triambic Icosahedron Compound".
Two layer star prism Quantity: 1 The cousin of the star prism with two layers.
X Factor Puzzle Quantity: 1 A skewb cut down into a X-shape.


Brain Cube Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 resembling a brain. Gross!
Chinese Knot 2x3x3 Red and Yellow Quantity: 1 Chinese Knot 2x3x3 Red and Yellow.
Crazee Brain (aka K-Brain) Quantity: 1 Brain figure- based on K-ball mechanism

Gundam Seed Rubik's Cube - Aegis Quantity: 1 Featuring the likeness of the Gundam Seed character Aegis Gundam GAT X-303.
Hello Kitty 2x2x2 Quantity: 1 A 2x2x2 resembling the namegiving character.
Lovers Heart Quantity: 1 Shape mod of a 1x3x3 floppy cube.

Mickey Mouse Head - Crakit version Quantity: 1 The first generation of a 2x2x2 with the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
Ultraman 2x2x2 Quantity: 1 Another 2x2x2 depicting a generic comic character that came in two different versions.


Rubik's UFO Quantity: 1 An attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze.
Wheel of Wisdom Quantity: 1 A puzzle made to break the laws of symmetry. A 3x3x3 with circles on all six sides. These circles are twistable in steps of 45.


7-Color Magic Puzzle (aka Massage Ball) Quantity: 1 Six rings of pieces and one moving hole on a puzzle that claims to be a massage ball.
Bolaris - Maailma Quantity: 1 A moving hole puzzle with a spherical shape.
Challenge Cube Nine Quantity: 1 Sliding block puzzle with playing card suits.

Crossteaser Quantity: 1 Rotate color wheels into the open space to move.
Ivory Tower (aka: Tower of Babylon) Quantity: 1 One of the more successful puzzles from the original cube craze.
Pepsi Can Quantity: 1 A tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a Pepsi can. The sliding is somewhat shifted.

Peter's Black Hole Quantity: 1 Another variation on the 26 sliding cube theme.
Pionir Pyramid Quantity: 1 A puzzle derived from the Pionir Cube. In this case the puzzle has the shape of square pyramid.
Rubik's Brain Racker (aka Rubik's Delta Ball) Quantity: 1 Looks like an Impossiball but is a moving hole puzzle which allows the pieces to change their orientation.

Spongebob 2x4 Quantity: 1 Burger King's 2 layer Missing Link type of puzzle, used to promote the Spongebob movie.
Super Mario Can Quantity: 1 Super Mario and Yoshi sliding puzzle shaped like a can.


Club Nintendo Star Ten Billion Barrel Quantity: 1 Updated version of Nintendo Billion Barrel Puzzle
Orb (aka: Orb-It) Quantity: 1 A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions.
Ten Billion Barrel Quantity: 1 An impossibly hard ball moving puzzle.


Awesome Octo Quantity: 1 Rubik's like ring shaped puzzle. The puzzle turns the upper and lower half of the ring. The colours are separated in four sections.
Dual Circle Quantity: 1 Dual Circle - surprisingly enough is two interlocking circles - pieces move when the circles are turned.
Equator (caved in red sphere) Quantity: 1 Another variant of the Equator-puzzle. This one is based on a different patent.

Hungarian Globe (english versions I) Quantity: 1 Sliding-tile puzzle without gaps. Made in Hungary, originally.
Magic Disc Quantity: 1 24 colored half-cylinders in 2 layers, 6 columns, and 2 rings.
Net Block UFO Quantity: 1 Rotate the top/bottom half, then spin each half of a sphere to scramble the puzzle.

Tricky Disky Quantity: 1 This version has four wings and eight colours.
Turbo Mind Twister Quantity: 1 Slide the cars and twist the sphere in an effort to park each car beside its matching color spot.
UFO - The Varia Disc Quantity: 1 Very similar to the Tricky Disky.


Valentine's Siamese Heart 1x3x3 (aka heart to heart) Quantity: 1 Two heart shapes Floppy cubes fused into a Siamese Puzzle


Brainball Quantity: 1 Spin the number ring, and twist the ends to flip seven of the thirteen numbers over.
Brainstring Advanced Quantity: 1 An improved design and an additional set of strings set this version apart from the original.
Brainstring Original Quantity: 1 Twelve elastic strings are moved around within a transparent cube.

Planets Quantity: 1 Four balls in a frame. Craters on each ball block and unblock rotation of the adjacent balls.


Cube Twister - Rubik's Cubes Jig Saw Quantity: 1 500 pieces with an assembled size of 400 mm x 500 mm.
Rubik's Magic JigSaw Puzzle Quantity: 1 A two sided jigsaw puzzle of the Rubik's Magic. 300 pieces.
Rubik's Royal Brain Teaser Quantity: 1 441 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Rubik's Spiral Challenge Quantity: 1 Another Jigsaw authorised by the trademark-holder Seven Towns.
Rubik's Zigzaw Puzzle Quantity: 1 131 piece jigsaw puzzle with unusual shaped pieces.


Enigma Mechanism Quantity: 1


Screw It Cube Quantity: 1
The Rubik's Collection (collection packaging) Quantity: 1 Package collecting three twistypuzzles from the matchbox-era.

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