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Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - Dinosaurs (aka Dino Cube)
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The simplest corner turning cube. It has four dinosaurs on each face which gave the puzzle its name.

There were four different versions of this puzzle produced in the nineties:
Version with 2 colours, 4 colours, 6 colours and the dinosaur version. All four can be found in this museum.
An idea so simple that one might wonder why it was not produced earlier that 1995. The first samples of the Dino Cube were designed and made out of paper independently by Robert Webb from Australia in 1985 (please refer to the independent entry) and Stephen Harvey from New Zealand in 1990.
The first working prototype was made by Aleksandr Ordynets who also filed a patent in 1981. His patent covers also Compy Cube, Magic Octahedron and Pyraminx. All later version should be considered as parallely invented.

The orange side depicts a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The cyan side depicts a Pterodactyl.
The yellow side depicts a Wolly Mammoth.
The white side depicts a Triceratops.
The dark pink side depicts a Brontosaurus.
The light pink side depicts Stegosaurus.

In 1995 mass production of this puzzle (the version with the dinosaurs) started. Creator of this version is James R. Holloway. Liang-Yen Wu convinced S.Y. Liou to also produce the versions with 2, 4 and 6 colours.
Wu distributed the puzzles and initially called the puzzles "Corner turning Cubes".
It shall be noted that in 1998 James R Holloway applied for a patent which was granted in 2000 under the number given above but that was after the puzzle has already seen the light of day.
Edge length: 50 mm
Weight: 96 grams

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Mar 7 2013 $256.00 eBay Auction Good Missing Original version - Sale included boxed domino, boxed Rubik's 2x2 and 3x3 Zzupler



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