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Hungarian Rings - Singapore Airlines
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Group the four colours to solve this puzzle.

This is the text of the INSTRUCTIONS:

Welcome to the owner's club of "Doublering" game of logc! "Doublering" is the first member of the "Hungarian Rings" family.

The crossing circular marble-grooves hold 38 marbles. The marbles - in four colours - are placed into the grooves in 2x10 and 2x9 divisions from which they cannot be taken out. This novel placing confronts the player with a new task, as the moving of one marble in one groove will result in at least two other marbles moving from their original positions in another groove.

The basic formation of the marbles are shown in figure 1. (Please turn over) This special layout holds countless possibilities, from the simplest to the most complicated solutions. Therefore the game provides manifold pleasures.

To get similar coloured marbles in a row is one of the easiest solutions but one of the most difficult ones is not to get two marbles of the same colour next to one another.

This game lays the foundation of and develops visual memory, logical thinking, combinative and manipulative ability and besides has a very pleasing appearance.

Here are some solutions of roughly 10 trillion variations! We hope you will have a good time!



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