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Oskar van Deventer
10-10 VisionTwo circles intersecting with each other and allowing 10 steps per circles.
17x17x17Also known as "Over the top". A puzzle made just because it is possible.
4CubesFour parts (looking like a 3x3x3) connected into a single puzzle.

Alex Black HoleFrom one corner it looks like a 2x2x2 but has only 7 cubies of which only one can be moved at a time. While being moved every cubie is rotated in a distinct way.
All AroundA puzzle like the "Lord of the Rings":
"One Puzzle to rule them all, One Puzzle to combine them,
One Puzzle to to make them useless"
Almost-a-CubeFour axes in an axis system close to a 5x5x5 and like a higher order version of Fenzed Cube.

Almost-a-GigaminxA higher order version of the Bermuda Rocket (Earth). It has six distorted axes. with each two layers.
Almost-a-PyraminxThe Rocket Twist in the shape closestly resembling it geometry.
Almost-a-SkewbA puzzle with four axes. One is doctrinaire, the other three form a puzzle very closely to the Rocket Twist.

Alternating CubeA 2x2x2 which allows only clockwise and counterclockwise turn alternatingly.
Alternating SkewbA Skewb which allows only clockwise and anti-clockwise turns in alternating order.
Ambigear CubeA 4x4x4 with "ambiguous gearing" which forces connected movement on one axis.

Anarchy CubeA cube meant to be a challenge. Can it be twisted into a cube?
Andreas CrossingThe 3D-equivalent to puzzles with intersecting plungers.
AntiCubeA face turning tetragonal antiprism. A fudged puzzle.

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