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Oskar van Deventer
Weird Disk 5x7A puzzle designed to stay in the middle between Weird Disk 4x12 and Weird Disk 6x6.
Weird Disk 6x6Two intersecting circles which rotate by steps of 60.
Weirder CubeThe unbanaged successor of the Weird Cube that allows 90 turns instead of 180 turns. A small change that immensely increases complexity.

Wooden treasure chestAnother version of the Treasure chest with wooden tiles.
Workout CubeLooks like a 3x3x3 and is one. But one with a lot of friction. It intentionally dampers the movements.
Writer's BlockA puzzle consisting out of 7 pens which all have to be pressed to solve the puzzle and open the box.

X-MinxThe concept of the X-Cube applied on a megaminx.
XXL GearcubeA bigger version of the Gear Cube with a very fitting package.
YogalabacusA bigger variant of Astrolabacus with ten segments tha form two halves that can be twisted independent from each other.

YouCubeThis puzzle tries to answer the question "How strange can a puzzle look like?"
Zygmunt's CubeA hybrid puzzle combining a 2x2x2 with an edge turning layer of additional pieces.

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