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Oskar van Deventer
Polo SlideA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-hole-puzzle.
Professor RocketThe Rocket Twist with an additional layer on three sides.
Proportional MixupA shape variant of the Mixup Cube. It was designed to have proportional "cubies".

Proportional OhA proportional version of the Oh Cube, which is an earlier design of the same designer.
Pseudo ChopA minimalistic puzzle that uses two different axes but is still doctrinaire.
Quartolabacus A newly-designed Astrolabacus with four channels of beads instead of two.

Quasi TwistA shape variant of Rocket Twist that demonstrates the pentagonal symmetries of every turn.
RainbowlabacusA small but symmetry-breaking modification of the Astrolabacus.
Real 6x6x6A 6x6x6 which requires the inner 4x4x4 to be solved as well.

Redi CubeA twisty puzzle cube that turns around its corners. A faceless Compy Cube.
Rhomdo TransformerA hybrid puzzle but not in the classical meaning of the word. It takes an awkward axis system and makes it more awkward.
Roadblock CubeConceptually three 2x2x6s fused to one puzzle.

Rob's IcosahedronAn icosahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx and Rob's Octahedron.
Rob's OctahedronAn octahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx
Rob's PyraminxA Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron (aka Jings Pyraminx) without edges.

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