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Oskar van Deventer
Unlucky TwistA 1x2x13 twisty puzzle.
Unproportional CubeMechanical engineering exercise to defy seemingly obvious rules of puzzle making.
UnscrambledA CAD-created puck with 22 segments bandaged into 11.

Vanity CubeOskar van Deventer's head printed in 3D glued on a 2x2x2.
Variomatic CubeIt looks like Gear Cube but implements an ingenious twisting method which can't be explained in one sentence.
Very Deep CubeA cube with just two axes. A heavily bandaged hybrid puzzle.

Vladimirs CheeseThis is the Cheese Block hidden inside a heptagon-like solid.
Void 5x5x5A void 5x5x5 with peep holes where the center corners would be.
Void 6x6x6Looks like a 6x6x6 with the inner 2 column of every dimension removed. But it defies these expectations.

Void Screw CubeA variant of the Slim Cube which outer upwards pieces that can be screwed up and down.
Weird CubeWith one 180 turn and one 120 turn this is probably the easiest puzzle that can be truly scrambled.
Weird Disk 235Three intersecting circles different sizes with different step length. The simplest possible puzzle of this kind.

Weird Disk 2x-6One circle rotating by 60� and six circles rotating by 180�. A deeper-than-origin circle puzzle.
Weird Disk 3xInfinityOne 3-fold rotation and one sliding motion that is infinitly long in theory.
Weird Disk 4x12Two intersecting circles of different sizes with one allowing steps of 30�.

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