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Oskar van Deventer
PentalabacusA bigger variant of Astrolabacus with six segments that but with five channels of beads.
PentastickThe first doctrinaire puzzle where all axes don't meet in a single point but in two different ones.
Pink GearsA sticker variant of the Gear Cube Extreme to make the puzzle easier. It is still not trival though.

PlanetsFour balls in a frame. Craters on each ball block and unblock rotation of the adjacent balls.
Planets 2.0Inspired by the original Planets from the same inventor.
Planets DiamondA flat version of "Planets" and a case of puzzle recycling.

Planets OctahedronSix balls in an octahedral shape and a case of puzzle recycling.
Planets PlusA higher order version of the original Planets puzzle.
Planets PyramidInspired by the original Planets from the same inventor.

Polaroid CubeA 2x2x2 consisting only of rails. It uses polarizing filters instead of stickers.
Polo CubeA puzzle combining a 2x2x2 with a Sliding-2x2x2 which therefore lacks one cubies.
Polo Gear CubeA 2x2x2 combined with a special move including gears.

Polo GearsCould be viewed as a variant of the Gear Cube. Here the faces (in this case: the knobs) rotate too.
Polo GliderThe concept of "Alex Black Hole" with restricted moves but combined with a 1x2x2.
Polo ShiftIn solved position this puzzle looks like a 2x2x2 with one cubie missing but it is indeed a moving hole puzzle which pieces can be strangely oriented.

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