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Oskar van Deventer
Cubes on a DiskTwo 4x4x4 connected with a disk which allows to exchange pieces between the puzzles.
Daniel's Gear-1It is a geared variation of the classic Square-1 puzzle.
Das CubeA 3d-version of "Das Twist". Seven pieces and a strange way of moving.

Das Cube TooA shape variant of the Das Cube.
Das TwistJust seven pieces with a strange way of moving.
Das Twist 3DThe 3D-successor of the puzzle with the same name (without 3D obviously)

Deep CubeA deeper-than-origin-cut puzzle.
Deep PentaA pentagonal prism solely made to proove that there are "deeper than origin" puzzles.
Deep SkewbA reimplemented void skewb which makes visible its core which is connected to the red square.

Deeper MadnessA deeper cut version of More Madness (which itself is a deeper cut cousin of Meteor Madness). A jumbling-only puzzle.
Deeper-than-origin PrismA puzzle supposed to be the simplest deeper-than-origin twisty puzzle. It can be seen as a heavily bandaged trigonal prism with three layers.
Dino BramA corner turning rhombicuboctahedron. A jumbling only puzzle.

Dino PentA corner turning pentagonal prism. The perpendicular axis allows moves too.
Disorientation CubeThis 3x3x3 allows always onle the down side to be twisted.
Distorted CubeA distorted Rubik's Cube that jumbles.

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