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Oskar van Deventer
Geared HexThe hexagonal version of Bram's Cube.
Geared KitesA shape variant of the Geared Mixup. It preserves its shape while turning.
Geared MixupA Gear Cube combined with the Mixup Cube. It allows 90-moves.

Geared Mixup PlusAn even more difficult Geared Mixup Cube.
Geared Workout CubeCould be considered as "Workout Cube II"
Geary CubeA geared Rubik's Cube with opposite faces moving in opposite directions.

Gerardo's CubeThe concept of the Floppy 2x3x3 applied to a 3x3x3.
Get StuckA 3x3x3 with six moving-hole-puzzles on each side. The goal is to get stuck.
Gift CapsuleA shape variant of the Turn Apart.

Gift Capsule Mid SplitAn enhanced version of Gift Capsule with a completely new mechanism.
Gift Capsule SkewbThe concept of Gift Capsule implemented with the mechanism of a skewb.
Gift Cube (aka Treasure Chest)A cube which is hollow and can be opened when solved.

Gift PyramidThe concept of the Gift Cube applied to the Pyraminx.
Glow CubeA 3x3x3 that can only be solved in the dark.
Good Neighbours CubeA 3x3x3 with constrained movements. No two lids are allowed in the same edge.

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