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Oskar van Deventer
Mixup PrismThe concept of the mixup cube applied to a triangular prism.
MoonshineA two-dimensional, deeper-than-origin, shallower-than-corner doctrinaire twisty puzzle. Or two intersecting circles with 2-fold or 5-fold rotation.
More MadnessThe deeper cut cousin of the Meteor Madness. A jumbling-only puzzle.

Mosaic BlockA cuboid, but a corner turning one.
Nested CubeTwo 2x2x2s (both hollow) in one puzzle. One was designed around the other.
Not BandagedA subset of the 5x5x5 that looks bandaged but is still doctrinaire.

Number PlanetA spherical token-swapping puzzle. An implementation of M12, Mathieu 12 group. A puzzle with a theory-heavy approach.
Offset CubeA cubic 2x2x7 with a twist that allows the pieces to be exchanged between the layers.
Offset HexAn offset version of Minimal Hex that makes six triangles disappear.

Offset OctaA puzzle related to Minimal Octa reimplementing Star Trap in a minimalistic way.
Oh CubeA puzzle looking like a 3x3x3 but it is indeed a corner turning hexahedron.
Opposition CubeA 3x3x3 designed from scratch. It is related to the Constrained Cube.

OrganolabacusAn extremely big variant of Astrolabacus with eighteen segments but with six channels of beads.
Oskar Geary cubeA Gear cube that pretends to be a standard 3x3x3.
Oskar's Danger CubeAn extension of the Caution Cube or Geared Mixup concepts - this time with more types of moves possible.

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