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Oskar van Deventer
Rocket StarThe Rocket Twist with a 5-fold symmetry instead of a 3-fold symmetry.
Rocket TwistRocket Twist is the first in a new group of puzzles that do not have core but still jumble.
Rota CubesThree cubes in a tetrahedral case. With every move they not only change position but also orientation.

RotabramThree intersecting circles with gears. Pieces can be exchanged on two are rotated in each turn.
RototributeA shallow-cut variant/tribute to David Pitcher's Rotoprism 2.
Scrambleable CubeA 3x3x3 restricted to sequences of face turn+slice-turn+face turn.

Screw 2x2x2Screw 2x2x2 is a simplified version of the Screw Cube
Screw CubeA 2x2x3 in cubic shape enhanced with threads to become a way more complex puzzle
Screw EnigmaEngel's Enigma with an additional dimension because of a screw like mechanism.

Screw HexThe principle of the Screw 2x2x2 applied to a hexagonal prism.
Septic TwistFour layers in shapes of heptagons can be turned without jumbling and fudging.
Shift CubeA 2x2x4 with an additional shifting move.

Shift HappensSix unequal gears separable aand rotatable in groups of three.
Simple SlideA 1x2x2 that reveals its true functionality with a sliding mechanism.
Skewb ChestAfter the Treasure Skewb another Skewb which can be opened but this time with a different turn.

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