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Cubes on a Disk
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Two 4x4x4 connected with a disk which allows to exchange pieces between the puzzles.

After 4Cubes this is the second collaboration between Oskar van Deventer and Tony Fisher. The puzzle even follows its predecessors concept.
The idea of this version was Oskarís, inspired by Tonyís idea for 4Cubes. The design was made by Oskar. The sponsoring was made by Tony. There was one failed prototype before this collaboration was successfully finished.

All moves on both 4x4x4s are possible except the four slices which would cut through the disk. And additional move allows to exchange the halves of both parts. This makes up for a total number of four different types of turns.

Tony chose to use 12 colors to sticker the puzzle. One cube has traditional colouring and the other has the less common colors like purple etc.

This puzzle has
21827052871452212913870307256118966639393645642932395117939555272371460039856664315166720000000000000000000000 permutations.
The 4x4x4 has 7401196841564901869874093974498574336000000000 permutations.
The first number is significantly higher than the doubled 4x4x4:
Size(CubesOnADisk)/Size(4x4x4)^2 = 65124474205430540160000/81719

Size (cube to cube; outer edges): 108 mm
Edge length (cube): 48 mm
Diameter (disk): 98 mm
Weight: 144 grams



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann, Lawrence Cuthbert.


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