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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Ironic Blind Man's CubeA dice-pip patterned cube made out of arts and craft stick-on eyes.
Jack Daniel's CubeTwo opposite sides show the "Old No. 7" logo. The other four sides all show the same Jack Daniel's label.

Jacobs Krönung CubeThis is a cube which was sold by german coffee manifacturer "Jacob's Krönung". It shows a cup of coffee on 5 sides, and a crown on the 6th side.
JCPenny BrandsFeatures JCPenny and their various brands.

JVC Rubik's CubeA nicely packaged promotional Rubik's Cube featuring JVC and a soccer theme.

Keroppi Key ChainThis key chain puzzle features the popular Sanrio character Keroppi.
Keyboard 3x3x3 CubeA standard 3x3x3 with keyboard keys attached. It is available in different colours. A bandaged version also exists.
Kisi Bulli Brunnquell CubeThis promo cube features graphics silk screened directly onto the dark grey plastic of the puzzle.

Kool Aid - Country TimeOn the base says "Workin' Harder For You in '82", and an image of the Kool Aid Pitcher and also the Country Time Lemonade Lemon. The cube has references to General Foods, Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade.

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