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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Hong Kong Disney Land ResortA merchandising article from Disneyland in HongKong with a body in transparent red plastic.
Hong Kong StampsDepicting different stamps issued in Hong Kong.
Horizon Credit Union CubeThis Rubik's Promotions cube features Horizon Credit Union images.

Hyakumansan CubeA japanese 3x3x3 with the same image (character?) printed in different colours.
Hydro paint 3x3x3A Bump cube (aka Mirror cube) painted with a hydro paint technique.
I love golfSix images which share a golf theme.

I love you CubeA cube overed with many hearts and an unequivocal message.
IBM 4331 CubePromotional cube for the mainframe computer IBM 4331 from the early 80th.
Intel - Power up your playA 3x3x3 advertising the Intel Core-series.

International Festival of youth and studentsOne of several items for the International Festival of youth and students in Moscow 1985.
IPD BoulderThis cube features the company IPD Boulder.

IQ Magic CubeAppears to be a tile cube by one of several companies that put this puzzle out.
Iron Man 3x3x3A 3x3x3 painted like the namegiving figure from Marvel.
Ironic Blind Man's CubeA dice-pip patterned cube made out of arts and craft stick-on eyes.

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