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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Olympiacos PiraeusA 3x3x3 promoting the greek football (as in soccer) club Olympiacos Piraeus.
Pac-Man Cube IThis Wonderful Puzzler cube features images from the original Pac-Man video game.

Pac-Man Cube IIIAnother cube with the theme of the classic video game.
Paintings Alfredo RodriguezShows parts of six images of Alfredo Rodriguez.

PangPang CubeThis Toys cube features various anime style cartoon characters.
Penn State CubeThis cube features the various logos of Penn State.
Pennant CubeHas the flags of the USA, UK, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and Brazil on it.

Pentomino CubeCube featuring all 12 different pentominos.
Pepsi CubeObviously produced by/for Pepsi Cola.

Pikachu Jumbo CubeThis jumbo 3x3x3 cube features the Pokemon character Pikachu.
PlanetsA 3x3x3 covered with images of the solar system.
Play Ball CubeCreated using a standard cube with commercially sold replacement stickers.

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