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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Poker Cube IIIAnother variation of the Poker Cube theme.
Poker Cube IVAnother Poker Cube version.
Poker Cube VAnother slightly different Poker Cube.

Poker Cube VIThis Poker Cube has white base plastic.
Poker Cube VIIThis version has two face card sides in addition to the standard four suit sides.
Poker Cube VIIIThis shows stars and joker-like figures before in addition to the four suits in french playing cards.

Poker Tile CubeAnother Poker cube. This time with tiles glued upon every face.
Power Puff Girls CubeDepicting the characters from the cartoon series.
Presidential CubeCustom stickers showing all the US presidents.

Promotional CubePromotional cube for National Investors Life. White stickers have words such as IRA, annuity, retirement, individual.
PTD CubeThis cube features the slogan and logo of PTD.
Pursuit of Happyness 3X3X3A 3X3X3 Rubik's cube promonting the movie with the same name.

pyronatican cubeit is said that this cube can make two diferent pictures!
QR-Code CubeA custom sticker variant showing six different 2D-barcodes.
Question Block 3x3x3A picture cube resembling a question block from Super Mario.

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