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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Rubik's Cube - EarthAnother 3x3x3 stickered to resemble planet earth.
Rubik's Cube - European Championship Budapest 2010Produced for the European Championship in Budapest 2010.
Rubik's Cube - European Championship Wroclaw 2012Produced for the European Championship in Wroclaw 2012.

Rubik's Cube - World Championship Budapest 2007Produced for the World Championship in Budapest 2007.
Rubik's Italian Party Leader CubeA cube with caricatures of six italian politicians.
Rubik's Napoleon Art cube3x3x3 depicting five cut-outs of two famous paintings showing emperor Napoleon.

Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - AmericanEnglish version. Sold in the US.
Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - DutchDutch version. "Eeuwigdurende Kalender"
Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - EnglishThe original red and white English version. "Rubik's Calendar"

Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - FrenchFrench version. "Cube Calendrier Universel"
Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - GermanGerman version. "Rubik's Kalender Cube" "Immerwährender Kalender"

Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - Japanese (custom)A custom made calendar cube. This one features japanese symbols.

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