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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Kool Aid - Country TimeOn the base says "Workin' Harder For You in '82", and an image of the Kool Aid Pitcher and also the Country Time Lemonade Lemon. The cube has references to General Foods, Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade.
Kraft CorporationSides contain these words: Jet Puffed Marshmallows, Ice Cream Toppings, Marshmallow Cream, Carmels and Kraft.
KreNol CubeAlso known as "real Tic-Tac-Toe Cube". Depicting six games of the famous childrens game.

L.O.R.D.A cube with complex paintings and a LED inside.
Led Zeppelin CubeDepicts six sides with motives from the namegiving band.
Letterman CubeA cube depicting David Letterman.

Letters & Numbers CubeA dollar store quality knock off with numbers and letters printed on the tiles.
Letters, Numbers & Characters CubeA very cheap tiled cube showing various letters, numbers and Chinese characters.
Lift CubeA promotional cube for a defunct German Lemonade brand.

Little Mermaid CubeTiled cube with pictures of the Little Mermaid characters.
Longchamp Cube (metal body)Promoting a brand of handbags. Version with metal body.

M&Ms WorldPromoting M&Ms World in Las Vegas.
Magic Square CubeAll diagonal, horizontal and vertical rows add up to 15.

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