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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Coca Cola Cube (China)Advertisement for Coca Cola, apparently made for the chinese market.
Cognos CubeA cube advertising a software company which later became part of IBM.
ComGenex Cube Combinatorial chemsitry training tool and promotional item

Coors OriginalThis promo cube features the "Original Coors" logo on two sides.
Copia CubeText include: IVR, Fax Mail, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, FaxFacts, Mail Merge, Fax Retrieval, Fax Server, Forms Processing and 800-689-8898.

Corporate CubeOne word per sticker, each side has a different word. The words are: Fleet, Plant, People, Labor, Safety, EEO
Cowboy catShows a cowboy cat.
Curvy Maze CubeA 3x3x3 with a beautiful rounded and very innovative maze structure as stickers.

D. E. ShawA promotional cube featuring the company D. E. Shaw
D.Day 1944A cube commemorating an anniversary of the invasion in normandy.
Da Vinci CubeSix times the same motiv with differently coloured background.

DaciaA 3x3x3 with stickers to advertise for the car brand.
Dairy Queen, The KubeThis cube features various Dairy Queen products.

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