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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
That '80s Show CubeThis white plastic cube advertises "That '80s Show", a short-lived 2002 sitcom.
The amazing cubeA cube produced as merchandising for the animated series of 1983.
The Barratt Magic CubeOne 3x3x3 from the first batch of Politechnika/Pentangle cubes. Used as an invitation gift.

The Brady BunchA handmade picture variant depicting the famous TV series.
Toon Link 3x3x3A 3x3x3 depicting Link from the Zelda franchise.

Trace Adkins CubeThinkin' Thing. 199?
Traffic signs cubeDepicting six different traffic signs.

Tweety Bird Cube IIA low quality tiled cube featuring the Warner Brother's cartoon character Tweety Bird.
Tweety Bird Cube IIIAnother standard sized cube featuring Tweety Bird.

ULA Cube IA cube depicting the successes of the ULA - United Launch Alliance
ULA Cube IIA cube depicting the successes of the ULA - United Launch Alliance. Together with some trivia about the rockets.

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