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NxNxN: 3x3x3 (Picture)
Manpower CubeThis promo cube features Manpower.

Mario 3x3x3A Mario head picture cube.
Mario Bros. 3x3x3Each side has a different Mario Bros. character and color. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Bowser.
Mario Kart 8 Rubik's CubeA promotional 3x3x3 depicting scenes from the game Mario Kart 8. It was given out to those who pre-ordered said game.

Mars CubeThe choice of brands advertised on this cube is very strange.
Maze Cube (3x3x3)A 3x3x3 custom sticker variation, filled with mathematical considerations, which shows a single closed loop line on it.
McDonald's CubeApparently only given to managers at an important meeting of some sort.

McDonalds Cube (aka: McCube)This was apparently part of a McDonalds promotion in the early 80s.
Men in Black CubeThis cube promotes the "Men in Black" animated series.

Menger Sponge CubeCustom stickers depicting a Menger Sponge using Rubik's Cubes.
Mercedes BenzThis version has various shades of grey, blue and black and a logo on every side.
Mercedes Benz CubeThis version is coloured like a standard cube, but has a single Mercedes logo on the center blue cubie.

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