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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Total Master CubeA Masterball with extensions to give it the shape of a hexahedron.
Trapezoid Edge CubeA combination of Slice cube and Fisher Cube.
Trapezoid Edge XSThe concept of the Trapezoid Edge Cube applied to an unproportional 3x3x5

Trifurcation CubeA mass produced cube with 24 axis in a jumbling only axis system.
Triple Fisher 2x2x2A 2x2x2 fishered on all three axis.
Turbine CubeA heavily bandaged Square-1 designed from scratch.

Twins Flowers CubeA Kilominx in shape of a cube with two turnable sides.
Twisty BurrA puzzle consisting of an inner 2x2x2 puzzle, and an outer shell burr puzzle.
Twisty Slidy CubeSeems to be a 2x2x4 but it allows the move of Sliding Pucks.

Two solutions Mirror BlocksA sticker variant of the Mirror Block puzzle which leads into a puzzle with two solutions.
UltraxisAn axises 5x5x5.
Unbandaged 4x4x4 Mixup Plus CubeAn unbandaged variation of Witeden's ''4x4x4 Mixup Plus Cube''.

Unbandaged Helicopter CubeA Helicopter cube with internal modification which allows more movements.
Unbandaged Helicopter SkewbThe Helicopter Skewb with another design feature that increases the difficulty even further.
Unbandaged Square-1A Square-1 which was complete unbandaged. The result is a prism with twelve segments and three layers.

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