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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
DaYan Bermuda Cube - VenusThe Venus version of DaYan's Bermuda series.
Decept-1Shape modification of a Square-1.
Delta CubeAn UFO transformed to have the shape of a cube.

Dino 5x5x5A hybrid of a Dino cube and a 5x5x5. A higher order version of the Dino 3x3x3.
Dino GhostA Dino Cube put in midturn and twisted chaotically in its solid.
Dino PlusA jumbling Dino Cube.

Diogo CubeA nine-axes turning solid, using a geometry developed by Diogo Sousa.
Doctor CubeA Mixup Cube reduced to the slice moves.
Dreidel 3x3x3A hybrid of corner turning and face turning cube. The cuts are inspired by the Dreidel Skewb. The cuts allow 60-turns.

Dreidel II 3x3x3The simplified cousin of the Dreidel Cube.
Duo Axis CubeA cubic 3x3x5 moved into a pattern and modified back into cubic shape.
Duo Ghost CubeA cubic 3x3x5 scrambled and transformed back into cubic shape.

DuostarAn Axis Cube bandaged like a "Bandaged 3"
DynamixupA 3x3x3 with connected circles and mixup turns that also affect whether circles turn with or without the rest of the layer.
Eccentric 2x2x2 CubeA puzzle which looks like a 2x2x2 but does not behave like one.

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