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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Rafael's Cube aka Fisher Bump CubeA bump cube was fishered or a Fisher Cube was bumped.
Rainbow MirrorborgA Bump Cube (aka Mirror Blocks) transformed like a Borg Cube. Small colored bits are added.
Rapture CopterAn edge turning cube where the axis allow 45 turns.

Rapture Dino CubeThe geometry of the 60-moves-corner turning hexahedron implemented twice in one puzzle.
Razer CubeThe concept of the Pocket Cube implemented with a 4x4x4, asymmetrically.
RB Square-2The concept of the "Marcos Square-1" applied to a Square-2: A Square-2 in midturn transformed back into cubic shape.

Redi bumpA bumped version of the Redi Cube.
Rex Ghost CubeThe concept of the Ghost cube applied to the Rex cube. This time with differently coloured stickers.
Rhomdo CopterThe Rhomdo Comet in shape of a cube.

Riddle SkewbThe Offset Skewb which allows 60 turns.
RosetteA deeper cut cousin of the Clover Cube.
Rotated Witeden334 cubeA Witeden Camouflage 3x3x4 in shape of a cube rotated inside the solid.

Rotoskewb IIThe successor of Rotoskewb implements the true concept the original idea giver had in mind.
Santa SpinA combination of a 2x2x2 and a eight different interlocking puzzles.
Scatter Pattern Mirror BlocksA sticker variant of the MirrorBlocks which is more modern cube art.

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