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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Square-1 1/2A Square-1 with the smaller pieces split in halves.
Square-1 XPA hybrid of a Square-1 and a 2x2x2.
Square-1-IIA two-layer custom modification of the Square-1

Square-1/2A Square-1 bandaged to have identically sized pieces.
Square-2A modified Square-1 where the corners are split into two pieces
Square-2 XPA hybrid of a Square-2 and a 2x2x2.

Square-3A Square-2 with pieces which were further split up.
Stair CubeTwo layers of different windmill cubes combines with the middle layer of a Fisher Cube.
Star Triplets CubeA newly designed halfminx in shape of a cube.

Stochastic Cutting CubeA Square-1 (or better: a Star Prism of the Square-1) transformed into hexahedral shape while in midturn.
Stone BlocksA stone-like textured spray paint applied to a Bump Cube.
Super Octo CubeA more advanced version of David Pitcher's OctoCube.

Super Square-1A new challenge to the Square-1 / Cube 21.
Super ZockA Zock cube with the eight top and bottom pieces split up.
Tera HexaminxA Teraminx CADed into the shape of a cube.

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