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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Clover bandageA clover Cube with one half of the possible turns bandaged in a single block.
Clover Cube PlusUnbandaged version of the Trifurcation cube.
Clover Cube PlusPlusA modification of the Clover Cube in which the inventor split up the wing pieces.

Collider CubeA face turning tetrakis hexahedron in the shape of a cube.
Confusion CubeA triangular prism with three layers in shape of a cube but with an awkwarly reoriented axis system.
Corner PocketA bandaged 3x3x3 in disguise.

Crazy 3x3x3 Mirror CubeA bumped version of the Crazy 3x3x3.
Crazy Cube (Square-1)A Star Prism caught in midturn and reshaped back to a hexahedron.
Crazy GearAn axised variant of the Gear Cube from the same inventor.

Crazy Helix CubeThis cube is made inspired by the crazy yileng (a mass produced fisher cube mod) but is made of a cube 3x3x3.
Crazy Square-1A Square-1 with two circles, one on the top face and the other on the bottom face. These two faces have different movements.
Crazy2face 3x3x3 Mirror CubeA bumped version of the Crazy 2-Face.

Cube 21 - Limited EditionThis Cube 21 shows only one sort of stickers. Solving the shape is all to be done.
Cube 21 - Original EditionEuropean version of the Square-1.
Cube 21 - Silver EditionThis Cube 21 only has 2 colors, one of which is always silver.

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