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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Luminous GhostA Ghost cube that glows in the dark.
Luminous skewb mirrorMirror Skewb that glows in the dark.
Mad HausA 2x2x2 with twisted and moved center.

Madness 3x3x3A 3x3x4 with one layer removed to make it look like a 3x3x3.
Madness CubedMadness Cubed is a cubic transformation of the More Madness puzzle by Oskar van Deventer.
Marcos Square-1A Square-1 in midturn and afterwards reshaped into a cube.

Master Axis CubeThe concept of the axis cube applied to a 4x4x4.
Master Axis WindmillThe 4x4x4-cousin of the Greenhills Cube
Master Bump AxisA Master Axis cube was bumped into this shape variant.

Master Ghost CubeThe higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 4x4x4.
Master Greenhills CubeA 4x4x4 with tilted axis system.
Master HeximateA shape transformation of the Master Pentultimate

Master KilohexaminxA Master Kilominx CADed into the shape of a cube.
Master Little ChopThis is an edge-turning hexahedron. If the cuts were deeper the puzzle would become equivalent to the Little Chop.
Master Mental BlockThe concept of the Mental block adpated to a Master Skewb

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