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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Cube 321A bandaged Square-1. Quite ironic since the Square-1 itself is a bandaged puzzle.
Cube Minx IA Kilominx (or impossiball or corners-only-megaminx) transformed into the shape of hexahedron.
Cube Minx IIA megaminx transformed into the shape of hexahedron but with differently oriented axis system.

Cube4you Cadmium cube pillowA 48 Cube, implemented without magnets.
CubeminxA megaminx shaped like a pillowed hexahedron. Oriented differently compared with the Hexaminx.
CubeultimateA Pentultimate in the shape of a hexahedron, aka cube. Made by the inventor of the original Pentultimate.

Cubic 3x3x4 IIA mass produced 3x3x4 truncated and rebuilt into the shape of a cube.
Cubic 4x4x5 IIAn 4x4x4 of Eastsheen modified into a cuboid which could have been a bandaged 6x6x6 as well. It does NOT change its shape.
Cubic Helicopter DodecahedronThe helicopter Dodecahedron transformed into the shape of a cube.

Cubic Jumble TrapA jumble trap in shape of a cube. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Cubic Meteor MadnessA shape variant of Oskar van Deventer's Meteor Madness, one of the first jumbling only puzzles.
Cubic StarminxA Starminx in shape of a cube. Sadly it is not a perfect shape variant.

Cubic void bump cube (mirror blocks)A Bump cube (aka mirror blocks) made from a void cube.
Curvy Copter AxisA Curvy Copter "axised", that means: turned inside of its solid by rotating around a corner.
Curvy Copter Plus TwistAn edge turning cube with three axis twisted by 60.

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