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Six-Sided: Cube (Shape Changing)
Screw CubeA 2x2x3 in cubic shape enhanced with threads to become a way more complex puzzle
Shadow HexahedronA shape transformation of the Hexcopter 12 Curvy a jumbling only puzzle with the axis system of the face turning hexagonal dipyramid.
Shallow Mixup CubeA mixup cube with shallower cuts than the traditional mixup cube.

Shape Shifting 6x6x6A 6x6x6 which allows additional mixup turns.
Shift CubeA 2x2x4 with an additional shifting move.
Shiny CubultimateA ghosted Pentultimate in cubic shape.

Skewb des SoleilsA "real" Gear Skewb.
Skewb ShiftThe skewbic cousin of "Gear Shift".
Skewed SquareA skewb reorientated within a hexahedral shape.

SkewSkewb (aka Axis Skewb)The concept of the Axis Cube applied to a Skewb.
Slice CubeA 3x3x3 reoriented with its solid. It shares some similarities to the Lozenge prism and the Greenhills Cube.
Sliding 3x3(x3)A successor to the sliding 2x2x3.

Sloppy CubeA Melty D modified into the shape of a cube.
Son-Mum 4x4x4 I CubeThe concept of the Son-Mum Cube (aka Shallow Mixup Cube) applied to the 4x4x4.
Son-Mum II CubeThe successor of the Son-Mum Cube unbandaged by one level.

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