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Opusball - ZodiacA remade equator puzzle. This variants shows the chinese zodiac symbols on the twelve middle pieces.
Overlapping CuboidThe concept of the Overlapping Cube applied to 2x4x4.
Painted mf8 Legend IIA mass produced cube from mf8 stripped of tiles and painted with nail lacquer.

Paintings Alfredo RodriguezShows parts of six images of Alfredo Rodriguez.
Pancake Cube IIA 3x3x27 in shape of a cube.
Pearl CubeCustom made Blind Mans 4x4x4.

Penta NovaA deeper cut pentagonal prism with three layers.
PentafoldA pentagonal version of Gear Fold.
PentaMixA decagonal prism bandaged and reshaped into a pentagonal one.

PentastarA megaminx without its corners.
Petaminx BallAlso known as Petaball. A spherical Petaminx.
Petaminx in a BottleA Petaminx disassembled and reassembled rebuilt inside of a large bottle. The bottleneck is so wide that the puzzle can be twisted inside the bottle.

Pillowed Crystal ContainerA rebuilt X-Block with indentations.
Pocket ChangeAn Eastsheen 5x5x5 bandaged and stickered to make it look like a Pocket Cube.
Presidential CubeCustom stickers showing all the US presidents.

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