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Chinese Wall Pieces - WallA 2x2x4 reshaping a section of the chinese wall.
Chinese Wall Pieces - Watch TowerA 2x2x3 reshaping a section of the chinese wall.
Chocolate Rubik's CubeA Rubik's Cube covered with pieces of chocolate.

Chopasaurus Jr.Looks like a Master Brillic but it twists around its corners.
Circle Pentagonal Prism (seven circles)A face turning pentagonal prism with circles on all sides.
ClockwiseTwelve moving pieces on a circle with two possible holes.

Color-slideA more complicated moving-hole-puzzle.
Color-slide IIA series of more complex moving-hole puzzles
Conermate IIA hybrid puzzle combining the cuts of a Pentultimate and a Pentagram.

Conjoined Fisher cubeTwo Fisher Cubes glued together thereby reimplementing Fused Cubes with internal twists.
ConnerminxA dodecahedron with round cuts that allow for corner turning and faceturning.
Constrained MegaminxThe dodecahedral cousin of the Constrained Cube.

Copper OrbA CADed relative of the "The Orb" with three rows of marbles instead of four.
Corner Latch CubeThe concept of the Latch Cube adapted to corner pieces.
Corner PyramidA "Corner Cube" transformed into tetrahedral shape. Oriented differently compared with the "Centre Pyramid"

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